The Ghost of David Ortiz

By: pbcmedia

Apr 17 2008

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Focal Length:23.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS


Well, it’s just too good to pass up, people.

The Yankees spent money jackhammering through two feet of concrete to take out David Ortiz’s jersey that a construction worker boasted over the weekend he’d buried in the cement during construction of the new stadium.

Management of the New York Yankees didn’t want to take any chances that the ghost of the Boston Red Sox’s superstar designated hitter was going to come back and haunt them.  They have a “Just Say No To Curses” strategy.

They clearly don’t  watch Oprah.  She’s a billionaire for a reason, Mr. Steinbrenner.  She’d have told you that you should have read page 32 on any self help book she’s showcased in the past twenty years.  As soon as you give power to your fears, they take you over.  P.S.  It’s too late now.

Hey, wait up!  I just saw the ghost of Ortiz running out to left field in your new stadium.

He’s there to stay now that you dug him up.


One comment on “The Ghost of David Ortiz”

  1. If only that construction worker had kept his mouth shut and waited until next year when the new Yankee Stadium opens to make his boast he would have been a Boston legend.

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