The Love Tax

By: pbcmedia

May 02 2008

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Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

My toleration of diversity and reality ends at the insect kingdom. 

I’m not proud of this fact:  At this time of year, I want my peonies to be ant free.  

If I were a political candidate I might suggest an Ant-Free spring to lead into the Gas Tax- Free summer already proposed.  

Think about it: This way we could have two seasons totally devoid of reality leading into the surreal season: Fall and the election.

Read Tom Friedman of the NY Times  for more informed thoughts on the summer proposal by Hilary Clinton and John McCain to have the federal excise tax on gas suspended.  Mr. Friedman is back, fresh from a leave of absence, with: “This is not an energy policy.  This is money laundering.”  

I’m going to read, “The Naturalist” by  E O Wilson ( a man PBS described as “Lord of the Ants”) to help me see the beauty, integrity and complexity of all nature’s creatures from ants to politicians.

Dr. Wilson describes himself as “a lover of little things.” 

Let me see.  Love takes Energy, right?  Energy is taxed.  Therefore, I  propose the Love Tax.

Anyone who loves ants has to pay my 18.4 cents a gallon gas tax this summer.

Logic totally rocks.


©Pat Coakley 2008

4 comments on “The Love Tax”

  1. haha
    i love how you used the logic to create such a witty statement : )

  2. Thanks, dabinl10, for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it.

  3. lol too funny! I love peonies! I understand wanting them ant free…

  4. If you were a political candidate suggesting an Ant-Free spring – I’d vote for you!

    Great blog, by the way!

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