Evil Doers 2

How am I supposed to fight all the EvilDoers when I can’t open a package?  Watch “Evil Doers, The Movie”.

©Pat Coakley 2008

Readers: I apologize up front to those readers who have already seen this post.  In changing over to the new Monotone template for photobloggers, I couldn’t automatically change those posts that involved one of my YOUTUBE movies, so my only way of doing it was to repost in new format.  Perhaps, I’m missing something but after many swear words and gestures (see Post called “Testing Monotone”), I decided that reposting was my only option.  There will be several more reposts.  Apologies.  

3 comments on “Evil Doers 2”

  1. Classic rofl oh how many times have I shed blood over packaging like that!!!

  2. Are we truly living in an outdoor asylum where everything and everyone who makes a decision about packaging is NUTS!!!?
    I mean, how many years ago was that Tylenol debacle anyway?

    I laughed the weak and teary laugh of a fellow polyethylene sufferer having just come back from K-mart and trying with weapons of mass consumerist destruction, to open a damn Crest battery operated toothbrush, which I know will not even survive the length of my 2 week trip, but knowing that the packaging has and will keep intact, the toothbrush for a time capsule to be opened in 3008 because you cannot, even if you DO live with Godzilla, OPEN IT UP, without bleeding AND cursing.

    OMG Pat, this was just too funny- video enhancement notwithstanding.
    You are my favorite blog talent.

    Can you tell, that I have to go back and read your priors?
    Posts, that is, not arrests!

  3. I delete any arrests, my finger slips…oops! How did that happen? Gone. This post prompted one reader to send me a contraption that is supposed to help with these types of packages. No word of lie, I couldn’t get it open. So, asylum is the right word! You make me laugh, too..”trying with weapons of mass consumerist destruction”…sweet!

    Thanks so much for you other words, too!

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