Mars View

Photo: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of Arizona

Enough with this life on Earth, I’m going to Mars. No politicians there (as of yet) and plus It’s the same color as my bedroom (and about as populated). That’s NASA humor, people.

“On the ground. Passing overhead, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to spot Phoenix on the ground — the bluish object at the top of the image. The white blob at the bottom is the parachute and the black blob in the middle is the discarded heat shield. The parachute is about 300 yards from the Phoenix.”

10 comments on “Mars View”

  1. Typical…

    We’re already leaving our trash around to blow away in the wind rather than using a trash can.

    You know what we need there? STARbucks!

    Turkish Prawn

  2. I love this kind of thing . . . pictures from other planets. Some of the Spirit and Opportunity stuff has left me breathless.

    I’m not sure we’ll ever find what we’re looking for on Mars, but that progress is being made is fascinating.

  3. Let me know when you’re heading over to Mars and if you want company I’ll hitch a ride with you, Venus bores me now and last month the moon was, well, just rude! Besides just the mere mention of STARbucks by TP has me drooling.. so cruel that!

  4. Never mind Mars and starbucks, come to Australia and I’ll make you a REAL cup of coffee.

    Are you sure that’s a shot of Mars and not the covering of some seat in a greasy-spoon somewhere?

    Looks like orange vinyl with some cigarette burns to me.

  5. Ah,Mars. A Planetary Rorschach. Turkish sees trash (I never even thought of that TP!), Tysdaddy sees and feels wonder (me, too!) Sanity sees a trip (there’s no way I’m going, I get motion sick in a car) and Razzman sees orange vinyl with cigarette burns (Seriously, Razz, that’s a misogynistic remark if I ever heard one (I’ve been reading your blog!! And this political campaign has just been going on far too long. She said she lived in New York, right?) and I’m going to kick you with my high heel (just as soon as I buy a pair and a tube of lipstick.)

    Carry on, favorite martians.

  6. “I’m going to kick you with my high heel (just as soon as I buy a pair and a tube of lipstick.)”


    You’re my kind of gal!

  7. It does look like naugahyde – from the Mars Diner on College Street in Toronto…. I wonder if Terry Pratchett knows about this…

  8. Shane…Anyone whose blog is titled, Chaos and Beauty, is welcome here! But, as to the ID of Terry Pratchett? I’m gonna Google him or her right now. Someone quoted Maynard of Tool the other day to me. I forgot to google him, too. Maybe I actually knew Terry and Maynard and have just forgotten them!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Shane. I’m going to spend more time visiting your site a little later.

  9. I’ll save you the trouble of googling Maynard . . . Maynard Jamed Keenan is the lead singer and visionary behind the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. I quoted a snippet of the lyrics to “Vicarious.” Here’s a bit larger chunk . . .

    “Eye on the TV
    ‘Cause tragedy thrills me
    Whatever flavour
    It happens to be like
    Killed by the husband
    Drowned by the ocean
    Shot by his own son
    She used the poison in his tea
    And kissed him goodbye
    That’s my kinda story
    It’s no fun ’til someone dies

    Don’t look at me like
    I am a monster
    Frown out your one face
    But with the other
    Stare like a junkie
    Into the tv
    Stare like a zombie
    While the mother
    Holds her child
    Watches him die
    Hands to the sky crying
    Why, oh why?
    ‘Cause i need to watch things die
    From a distance

    Vicariously i, live while the whole world dies
    You all need it too, don’t lie

    Why can’t we just admit it?”

    That song came to mind in regards to the post I commented on.

    Hope that helps.

    Regarding Terry Pratchett, you’re on your own . . .

  10. Tysdaddy! Holy you know what. Those lyrics are powerful. ‘Cause I need to watch things die from a distance, Vicariously I….Thank you for taking the time to post them! Ironically, I was just googling Terry Pratchett and he is a British fantasy writer who at 58 years old has just been diagnosed with Early Alzheimer’s. So, the first thing I read was his speech to an Alzheimer’s Research Group. It is so totally wonderful, funny, heart breaking that I can hardly believe it. Here is the link:

    My childhood friend was diagnosed last year and she is 63. It is in my family, too and it is always lurking in the background as monster of all monsters. May we all be Terry Pratchett if that fate befalls us. As always, Thanks for visiting!

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