Single for A Reason

By: pbcmedia

Jun 07 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Single for a Reason? Make that reason with an “s”. Plural. They are mounting up, people.

How is it possible that I can figure out any damn thing when it comes to computers and can’t remember that baking a potato in the microwave oven for twenty minutes produces a light brown raisin?

And, if that is not enough, then, I photograph the nasty looking thing?

And, yeah, I know. Baking potatoes in a microwave, even at the optimum time, doesn’t make for a tasty food item to begin with.  And, yes, I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, either.

As I said, single for a reason with an “s”.

©Pat Coakley 2008

If you want to use this photograph go right ahead. But, why?

12 comments on “Single for A Reason”

  1. wow…that looks um….very….rock like. i have had similar culinary adventures so not to worry. the microwave can be a dangerous appliance indeed.

  2. That does indeed look inedible. I always thought my favorite part of living alone (aside from the silence) was the ability to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I recall quite vividly having horrid culinary adventures – mixing this with that, combining ingredients which were never meant to associate. Sometimes it panned out. (Get it?) Sometimes it didn’t.

    The great part of being alone is you don’t have to share your failures with the world. You just throw them away. You share your successes with the world.

    I would think you would have figured this out at your age!

  3. Meander, girl! How sweet! Let’s blame it on the microwave, shall we??

    And, then, we’ll tell twobuyfour, cuz then he’ll understand that it’s the microwave oven’s failure not mine.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. I strongly encourage the sharing of failures. Your misfortunes make me feel better about myself in a highly egotistical way. The art of self-deprecation appears highly underrated in the American culture, yet to not take oneself too seriously is healthy… and entertaining as well – unlike hearing about your successes which would probably make me feel inadequate.
    I liked your potato. I think you should however consider taking a cooking class (or at least watch Top Chef regularly.) Until then, dating men with a natural loathing for home cooked meals seems indicated.

  5. Girl, you are two damn funny! You could always find a mate who can cook you know!

    Otherwise, for future potatos let me suggest you buy a Combi-Oven. It has both microwave and convection oven together. Perfect potatos every time. 1 button touch and all your potato worries over. It cooks everything in combination. They are becoming reasonably priced now too… around $100 or so. Home Depot carries them.

    I think this makes you quirky, and interesting. And I can’t believe that a person of your choosing wouldn’t come up and sweep someone as intelligent, witty and thoughtful as you right up off her feet! Of course finding a prince in a world of frogs is a whole other story….

  6. Or just cut some slices in it, slather it with some butter and wrap it in Saran wrap. And twenty minutes seems too darn long.

    I hope you found something *else* to eat . . .


  7. You ARE the Wim Delvoye of Massachusetts.

  8. Okay, people. This is simply too much. I cannot laugh any more this morning without needing medical attention.

    “Spud Talk” the post I wrote after this one, combined with this has created my highest readership since I started the blog! It has also created a sensation in my neighborhood. Not because they read it, but because they were observing me doing what I as doing which I then wrote about. Huh? Note to twobuyfour: failure succeeds!

    I started my day reading Tysdaddy wedding anniversary story while drinking hot coffee. Try it and I dare you to keep the coffee in your mouth, here it is:

    Then, I went to Razzman and thought this day just can’t get any better but then a post about collecting bull semen. Read it, I’m beggin’ you:

    And, now in comments I meet new readers welcome nathaliewithanh, thanks for commenting. And, amber, girl, your suggestion of a Combi-Oven sounds perfect for the kitchen and my dating life as well. I’ve had some potential “sweepors” in my life, but frankly, I just don’t sweep well. But, someone with a Combi-Oven? Now, that sounds like chemistry.

    And, then the absolute final straw is Razzman’s suggestion that I am the Wim Delvoye of Massachusetts. Of course I had to google him (Razzman always knows the most obscure but fascinating peeps and artists) and here’s the reference. I stopped reading after the pig tatooer reference because my laughter scared the bees, but not before I read of this man’s sculptures which are called, Cloaca, an installation that produced feces! Yup, that’s my razzman.
    Here’s the wikapedia on Wim Delvoye:

    Thanks to all!

  9. Oh, one more thing! Nathaliewithanh, I watch Top Chef! Love it. Wednesday night’s the finale, right? Sour puss went home last week.

  10. Antonia is the one that went home. Lisa, the one who stayed is biggest biaitch EVER, I think (even though some of my acquaintances could qualify for this highly disputed title.)
    If you are watching the show and still manage to achieve complete destruction of the above-referenced potato, perhaps there is no hope for you in that department. Sometimes you just have to face reality with courage and resignation.
    That being said, I’m a friend of cookies as a regular meal. You should try. So many varieties. So much happiness in a few bites! Nothing to microwave! AND talk about immediate gratification…

  11. Sounds like something that’s happened to me before…I can’t cook anything myself. Heck, I burnt water once…em, actually I just left it on the stove to long and it evaporated away. Oh, and Nathalie (with an h!), I agree with you on the cookies thing. Sounds like my kind of food. No work required….that is unless you make them. Well, good thing my sister cooks godly cookies!

  12. Godly cookies! I want me some of them, too, Zookman. Welcome. If you want to see godly pictures of Paris, go to nathaliewithanh’s site:
    She loves cookies for dinner and loves Paris. And, on one night in Paris, she even had cookies for dinner! As they say in Parieee, “Ooo La La!”

    (People, Zookman is Tydaddy’s son and he just started blogging!)

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