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Jun 07 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Ok. Blogging should be illegal because it’s just too much fun.

I took my failure out to my success this morning and put them side by side. Parrot’s Beak and Potato. The only thing that looks worse than the potato last night is looking at the same potato 12 hours later. The bees are in an uproar by the way. Dive bombing me, I’m sure telling me to get this monstrosity the hell out of their domain. I talked to them, of course, “Now, bees, calm down. Don’t you ever fail? Don’t you ever line up to land on that orange dahila over there and then slide the hell off the stamen or the pistil or whatever it is you cling to?”

I have a new anthem. It’s going on a T shirt, coffee mug, mousepad. I might even trademark the name.


But, seriously, I have to stop propping this thing up next to every bloom in the garden, the neighbors are gathering, listening to my conversation with the bees and my uproarious laughter when I stood it upright in the middle of the yellow miracle bells.

Remember my god of all god’s words, Samuel Beckett: “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I’m trying, Sam. I’m trying.

©Pat Coakley 2008


11 comments on “SPUD TALK”

  1. you are just so darn cute! i just love you.

  2. John Maxwell once wrote a book titled “Failing Forward” all about failing better. I’m not a huge fan of his, but the title seemed to fit your mood.

    You should start another blog, written from the perspective of your poor shrivelled spud. “I was once a beautiful, firm and sturdy potato, and now I’m . . . this?! The horror . . . !”


  3. Meander! I’m in your pocket, too! Thanks, sweet girl!
    Tysdaddy: I love that, “Failing Forward”! Love it!

  4. Love fest starting here- recommended by Nathalie H, from her blog ( see previous spud post ), I knew this had to be good.

    I can see why she added you to her blogroll. My laugh quotient has been met today.

    We used to have lives, now we have blogs.
    And blog pressure.
    Did I post enough?
    Was it funny enough?
    Are my photos good enough quality?
    Does this mean I need to upgrade Photoshop and learn more tricks?
    Maybe sitemeter made a mistake and I actually had more hits than they’re indicating!
    Yes, now we’re at that age where we have high blog pressure in addition to everything else……

  5. Well, this is just too much, bonniluria. I just wrote the longest ever response to comments on the previous spud post and said I didn’t think I could laugh anymore and now, your comment, “Blog Pressure”. Seriously, is this illegal or something? New friends, new stories and spud talk has just officially been my biggest readership day. I’ll be checking you out tonight cuz quite honestly I have to take a nap from all this hilarity and beetalking. Thanks for visiting and tell Nathaliewithanh that do watch Top Chef!

  6. OMG! you are so damn funny! I love the picture.. and your new T-Shirt saying… I have to get that for a few people I know.

    Pat thank you for the morning laugh!!!!

  7. I have been laughing so hard for the last 10 minutes that I have been incapacitated, have a huge bruise from falling off my chair and tears streaming down my cheeks!!! *ahem* perhaps a bit close to home as I take photos of failed dead food items as well – am glad to see you didn’t take it as far as I do by drawing faces!
    (Amber – I am glad you said the word “few”)

  8. Oooops I forgot the oh wows…

    Oh wows!!!

    So when is your book being published?

  9. Pat, you’re cracking me up! I love the potato … almost looks as if it has a sour face on sitting pretty next to that extravagantly gorgeous bloom!

  10. Talking of T-shirts reminded of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

    The first one was worn by a Goth with long greasy hair and a scowl.

    The shirt said, “I hear voices and they hate you too”. It put a smile on my face and just made my day.

    The other T-shirt, I saw in NZ and had a picture of Mr Spock done up like Frankenfurter in rouge and a “merry widow” corset. It said, “Beat me up Scotty”.

    I love demented things.

  11. Ah, Razzman. Razzman. We know about your demented sweet spot. That’s why you like us.

    Stacie girlgriot! It absolutely looks like it has a sour face! But, I didn’t see it before you said it. That’s how failure feels too, doesn’t it?

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