104 degrees

By: pbcmedia

Jun 09 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Plato maintained that all art is a gift from the gods, channeled through artists who are “out of their mind”-quite literally, in Plato’s view–when making art.” (Art & Fear, Bayles & Orlando)

No argument here.

I’ve been getting calls from friends who read this blog: “Um..Er…how are you? No, really.”

It’s gonna feel like 104 degrees today the news says, I told one.

Me? I feel fine. No, really.


I’m getting ready for “Failure” The World Tour.

Silence on the other end.

“Kidding! Just kidding….”

Big laugh.

I am kidding, people.

Where’s my black Lark suitcase with the rollers and the red ribbon tied on the handle?

©Pat Coakley 2008


12 comments on “104 degrees”

  1. I love discordant colour combinations. The colours in your picture instantly reminded me of Vietnam and the colours of the houses over there.

    I’d love to see a Vietnamese customs officer when he opens your case for inspection and he sees your potato when you take it on tour.

    I think that it would make an excellent photo essay (like in the old LIFE magazines).

    Just image after image of people’s reaction to the potato.

    Hell! If you lived here in Australia, you could probably get a grant to do the trip and “perform” your art.

  2. NO TOUR!!?!!

    I planned on packing up the young’ens and heading out to see the show!

    I am sooo bummed.

  3. Sorry… I am dense obviously. Have I missed that you are having an art showing of your work?

    Im confused – which of course is nothing new….

  4. Ah one day the potato called Failure will indeed tour the world, his photo will be known all four corners of the world and on Mars as well for that matter!

    Hmm weird that I am calling it a boy *shrug*

    Plato has it right, insanity creates the greatest works of art – I’m just glad there are fewer these days that opt to chop off their ears!

  5. It’s the best and worst thing about blogging. People think they know when you’re having a break down, but they miss it when you really are. And vice versa.

    Good times. ;)

  6. “Plato has it right, insanity creates the greatest works of art ”

    Oliver Sachs in his book “The man who mistook his wife for a hat” tells of a woman who so proud of her husband’s recent leap in creativity and loosening up of his expressiveness in his painting. Sachs just put it down to a brain tumour.

    I often think about creativity and I wonder if the need to be making things all the time is indeed a type of illness. One I’ve been subject to all my life.

  7. Razz, I listened to an interview with Rauschenberg on Charlie Rose…it took place in 2001 and they replayed it when he died last month. He said his greatest joy was when he was working. He felt a wholeness, a unity he felt no where else. He also said he was less self-conscious when he was working as well. I don’t think creativity is an illness. I think it’s an impulse to put ourselves back together and in the process we become more than the sum of our parts.

    But, it can be a curse as well as a blessing because where else can you find such a feeling? Some find it in relationships, perhaps. Maybe that’s why some marry four and five times…in search of this wholeness.

    I’m guessing Rauschenberg wasn’t Dad of the year (if indeed he even was a Dad) but you get my meaning.

    Anyway, interesting question.

  8. Pat, your potato has gone up to your head indeed for thinking of Maira Kalman when reading me. I’m not worthy. She is absolutely formidable and I immediately ordered her book. Thank you for making me discover this great poetess. She is a bit Eloise, a bit Prevert. I adore her universe. You rock!!!!
    I left a comment-response on my blog for you but I wanted to make sure you got it.

  9. Maggie, dammit (and people go visit maggie, you won’t be sorry) You are absolutely right. But, this has been the story of my life off the blog as well. Some of us emit signals that totally confuse folks. I’m one of those.

    Nataliewithh: A new spin on “potato head”? Love “a bit Eloise, a bit Pervert”..shows me you are not as unworthy as you may think.

    Amber: get with the program! There’s nothing going with your life…oh, that’s right. Just life and death. I wouldn’t tour without telling ya’. Promise.

    Sanity-we could make signs for the tour, like your South Africa signs. You are in charge of that, OK?

    Tysdaddy: Maybe I’ll do that tour just to meet your youngins. People, go visit their sites. They are 10 and 15. Just beginning in this wide, blog world. Give them some love. You won’t be sorry.

  10. The first family member I told about my blog was my sister-in-law. I respect her opinion and wanted to see what she thought. She liked it. :)
    She said she learned more about me from my blog than from actually talking to me or from stories told by brothers and sisters.
    Even if she didn’t like it, I would have kept on doing it anyway. :)

  11. Planetross, you have family members who read your blog? Really? Do you pay them? Nothing works with my family. Invisibility begins at home, I always say.

  12. Let’s just say, all family members know it’s here. I think my sister-in-law and one of my nieces read regularly.

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