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Jun 20 2008

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Yesterday, I wrote about Sisters and little ones transferring broccoli from their plate to mine. Sweetiegirlz commented : “Broccoli=Kryptonite

Today I looked up the meaning of Kryptonite on Wikapedia:

KRYPTONITE is a mineral from the Superman mythos, originating in the Superman radio show series.

The material is usually shown as having been created from the remains of Superman’s native planet of Krypton, and generally has detrimental effects on Superman and other Kryptonians. The name “Kryptonite” covers a variety of forms of the substance, but usually refers to the most common “green” form

The word Kryptonite is also used in speech as a synonym for Achilles’ heel, the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero.


Sweetiegirlz! Did you know Kyptonite was GREEN!!! Like Broccoli????

I love blogging. Bloggers, at least those who read this blog, get it. Truly, even the stuff that I don’t quite get but write about authoritatively as if I do. And, then, they take it a step beyond.

It’s like Physics class except this time I pay attention. The world explained. I don’t fall off the chair because of electromagnetic forces. I thought it was because the book I was reading in Physics class was just so damn good: “Being and Nothingness” by Sartre.

Ok. Ok. I’m posing, showing off. It wasn’t that book. It was D.H. Lawrence “Women in Love” and it was considered X rated then. Totally big yawn by today’s standards, but back in THE day (and you know the 60’s still are THE day) it was oh, oh, oh. Here’s a G rated Lawrence quote:

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

Anyway, thank you, blogger friends. My family emails me from time to time and says, “Hey! What’s happenin’?”

I respond: Ask sweetiegirlz, twobuyfour, tysdaddy, razzbuffnik, sanityfound, amberfireinus, nathaliewithanh, bonnieluria, planetross, meander, maggiedammit, turkishprawn, girlgriot and pomdog who is missing in action lately from here and his blog, but perhaps needs a shoutout today. So, all together at the count of three, go to his site, and leave this comment:

” Pomdog!! Hellooooooo…singleforareason misses you!”

And, these are just the names I can remember as I fall off my chair.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your list of “knows what’s up”! I’m honored!

    We tried the “broccoli is like little trees” method with Short Stack. Nothing doin’. How do kids instinctively know that they are supposed to dislike vegetables and yet, if they spot you bite into anything dessert-ish, immediately want some?! I swear it’s hardwired into their little brains.

    Turkish Prawn

  2. [blush] Thanks Gramma.

    How about another, more obscure, cultural reference to broccoli . . .

    I have four kids, and we went through our Powerpuff Girl phase a few years ago. There’s an episode called “Beat Your Greens” about a mutant race of broccoli who invade Townsville and taint the broccoli grown so that anyone who eats it will become mindless slaves. Of course, the kids don’t eat the broccoli, the parents do, and the kids have to fight back by . . . eating the alien broccoli invaders. The lesson? Eat your broccoli, kiddos. Before the broccoli eats you.

    Funny stuff . . .

  3. I tried tagging pomdog, but apparently his blog has been deleted . . .

  4. Ok! I screwed up Pomdog’s blog site. (If this is the only one, it shall be a miracle) but I’ve corrected it now: it is

    Tysdaddy, Thanks for heads up and that broccoli reader. Am going on Amazon today!

    Turkish, yes to the hard wiring. And, it doesn’t end at puberty either!

  5. My sister calls them “Broccoltrees”; but that’s just silly.

    I’ve learned all sorts of stuff since I started blogging; checking my info just to make sure I’m not seriously going astray.

    thanks for the mention :)

  6. I like your stuff! I STILL think D.H. is saucy – great while on the beach or curled up at home. For me, blogging makes me fact check before pulling the trigger – not a bad idea to incorporate into our everyday lives. Keep it coming, check out my blog if you like.
    don’t have enough of a sense about your personal politics, but another great side-effect of blogging is healthy discourse/debate.

  7. thanx for the shout out. :-) As I may have said, I love your blog.

  8. That stuff is “Kryptonite” am so relieved you did not talk about Brussel Sprouts *shivers*

    Don’t think you should allow your relatives to contact me though they’ll soon find out that there is insanity in sanity and sanity in insanity which makes one more insane especially with Broccoli in the mix!

    PS Don’t you think Broccoli sounds like a strain of the eboli virus?

  9. I see that SanityFound is discriminating against the Belgians. Don’t you have enough problems in South Africa Missy?
    I attended a Craig Ferguson Show in Austin and he could not stop rambling about Belgium: “Belgium is the Canada of France”… Then at the White House correspondents dinner, he said: “Europe hates us, Mr. President. Belgium does. Screw their chocolate and waffles for they’re a suburb of France!”
    What’s up with the Belgium hate?
    I left a message for Mr. Pomdog. What an angry young man! Penis.

  10. Here’s an oldie but a goldie:

    Q. What’s the difference between broccoli and snot?
    A. You can’t get kids to eat broccoli

    Tish! Boom!

    I read “women in love” years ago and the only thing I remember about the experience was how each page seemed to be made of lead. The prose was so turgid. I found it very heavy going, like trying to walk in waist deep snow.

    As for Satre, he makes me sick (get it?).

    If anyone is interested in reading a really good book, I’d like to recommend the “Alexandria Quartet” by Lawrence Durrell. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever read, on so many levels. It’s all about different people’s perceptions of the same thing. Truly amazing stuff.

  11. Pat, I’m so sorry for having made an inappropriate anatomical reference on your pristine blog. I was of course referring to the angry young man’s last post. Taken out of context, of course, “penis” may lead to confusion. Please feel free to exercise censorship.

  12. For the record and I’m not lying: I love Craig Ferguson and I love Brussel Sprouts!! I make them like Ina told me from the Food Network, broil (or is it bake) at 450 degrees for 25 minutes lightly oiled sprouts with kosher salt! Umm..delicious. Of course, I have a slight problem with remembering this bake/broil thing so results do vary at Chez Single For A Reason.

    Has Pomdog exposed himself?? O, dear.

    Thanks for visiting CounterVulture! I’ll for sure come and visit and I’m glad you can’t tell my politics!

    Planetross, you are always silly in the most interesting way!

    Tysdaddy, I’ve given you two shout outs in a row (I just published a new entry with your name in it, too!) and people are going to think you’re paying me for these product placements!

  13. Nathaliewithanh, I needed to shed this pristine image and this is a fine way to muddy it up. Pomdog if he’s still breathing will not mind at all that I’ve just suggested in response to your comment that he might have exposed himself.

    Besides Razzman’s conjugation of broccoli and snot just about assures me of the NON-PRISTINE award this week. Plus, on his site, on his blogroll, he’s got a site called Penis in a Rowboat. I’m afraid to visit it. Something might pop out, I’m mean, jump out…well, I’m just afraid of it, alright?!

    But, I have always heard that Durrell’s book was a good one, Razz, so maybe I’ll give it a try!

  14. Razz, (Pat, do you mind if we engage in a side conversation using your blog as the venue?)

    I take it seriously when certain people recommend books. Consider yourself certain.

    I did a search on both amazon and b&n and both tell me this book is no longer available. And there are other books that make this seem like a series of books (Justine, Balthazar, etc.). We do have a very fine used bookstore here in NE Indiana. I may have to swing by there and see what they have. In the meantime, care to elaborate a bit about the book/series? I’d appreciate it . . .

    And Gramma Pat, you are sweet. The check is in the mail . . .

  15. Tysdaddy

    The Alexandria Quartet is a tetralogy of novels so it sounds like they don’t sell it as one book any more. The four books are Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea

    Here’s some of what wikipedia has to say

    “The Quartet offers the same sequence of events to us through several points of view, allowing individual perspectives to change over time.

    In a 1959 Paris Review interview, Durrell described the ideas behind the Quartet in terms of a convergence of Eastern and Western metaphysics, based on Einstein’s overturning of the old view of the material universe, and Freud’s doing the same for the concept of stable personalities, yielding a new concept of reality.

    For all the novels’ experiments with chronology and viewpoint, for many readers the appeal lies in the luxurious beauty of the writing; it is difficult to find writing that so prodigiously and intricately recreates atmosphere, place and fleeting emotion with such style.”

    I love the book because it’s so well written and it made me think about how we project our own mental architecture on the world around us. The writing is fantastic. Here’s a few examples (if my memory serves me correctly).

    Said to Justine (who a few of the characters in the book have had sex with) by Mount Olive (the most poetic of the characters) “must you be the turnstile through which we all must pass through?” or one of my favourites, “Oh stop behaving like a some pious old sin cushion into which we stick the rusty needles of our affections!”

  16. tysdaddy, don’t mean to butt in but Alexandra Quartet is comprised of the four books (which all give the different perspectives.)
    Pat, I’m then glad to have de-pristined your blog. I was aware that Razzman’s blog is named Penis on a Boat. The infamous appellation is the reason why I cannot add his blog to my blogroll… Ya know… Texan conservatives and tar and feathers and all that jazz.

  17. A minute too late. the story of my life…

  18. Just so you know, nathaliewithanh, Penis in a Rowboat is on Razz’s blogroll. His site is appropriately titled, “All The Dumb Things” and when you’ve read some of the escapades he’s had all over the damn world, the title becomes far more interesting than P in a RB. I think even Texas tall tales might seem a bit smaller after Razz’s true stories.

  19. nathaliewithanh

    My blog is called “All the dumb things”

    “penis in a rowboat” is the blog of another guy called MtBrooks. He’s a very bright guy with interesting things to say.

  20. Cool, Razz. That was the impression that I got from the sites, and I did find all four of those books listed in reprint.

    So should the books be read in a particular order?

    (Ya know, I could just wiki and figure all this out, but hearing it from a fan is so much more interesting . . . so I shall not wiki . . .

  21. Yes they should be read in this order; Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea.

    The first book seems like it’s just a romance but as you read the other books it becomes apparent that there was so much more going on than what was first thought.

    As a side note, Justine was made into a mediocre movie (in 1969) with Micael York and one of my favourite actors John Vernon.

  22. A curtsy for the mention here of those who get you. Not having to explain yourself is a privilege of being ” over 21″.

    Those girls are beautiful in the way you can’t be when you’re “over 21 ” and still thinking you can eat fries and burgers.

    Am in NYC now- truncated spare time, visits, son, doc appointments, museums/galleries and guzzling of everything that has to last a year.
    But always time for reading your blog- my vitamin.

  23. Razz, I stand corrected. I discovered Penis on a Boat through your blog hence the ensuing confusion. You’re added to the blogroll. The photograph you took of the Moroccan man in the fog is impressive.

  24. Sweet Bonnieluria! Ahoy, there! Thanks for checking in from NYC. I can’t wait to hear where you have taken me.

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