Dining with Friends I’ve Never Met

By: pbcmedia

Jun 21 2008

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Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 10D

I’m beginning a new series called Dining with Friends I’ve Never Met! ( If you think of a better name, let me know) You’ll have to read their blogs to see why. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

Razzbuffnik is first. (See why in Comment section of yesterday’s post, Becoming Visible)

PS. I love Photoshop and the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, Mass.

@2008 Pat Coakley


11 comments on “Dining with Friends I’ve Never Met”

  1. Methinks you’ve been officially hijacked . . .

  2. Hijacked? I concur…

    Bravo Pat! You nailed it. I love the idea of the imaginary dinners! Of course I had no idea from where your vision came until I read the piece on his blog… It’s like a treasure hunt!

    Razz, your mom is a saint. I would have driven you to the orphanage.

  3. LOL too funny! brilliant photo too!

  4. Thanks for the image. It’s a beaut!

    Now they’re what I’d call real fires!

    I’ve put up on my blog, a snapshot (it’s bit blurry, I think the camera had been drinking) taken last night at dinner so you can see what apres dinner at my place looks like as we sit outside in the middle of winter around the chimenea.

  5. Love the idea and the picture.

  6. Me, myself and I just love this idea, the symbolic photo and photoshop, well I couldn’t live without photoshop – keeps me out of mischief or rather perhaps in it!

  7. I love this idea: “the camera had been drinking”!!

    I already have ideas for each and every one of you! But, I’m going to wait..let some time go by…and, just when you think I’ve forgotten this series..Poof! There another DWF-INM (as we fondly call it, or phonetically, Dwiffim) image. I think T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads…sky’s the limit.

  8. this is brilliant! i find myself scrunching up my brows and flipping from link to link and re-reading and scrunching again.

    all signs that this is a thinking place…i don’t do nearly enough of it. which is my way of telling you that i will probably spend too much time here. studying. getting more creative. becoming {gasp!} smarter? nah. i’m hopeless.

    but this space is not. well done.

  9. Hi Pat,

    Razzbuffnik has been nagging me to have a look at your site for a while. I’ve been looking… but just a bit backward in the commenting department. However, I do think this post/photo is hilarious and very clever indeed. Congratulations. I think even Engogirl will be bringing out a fire extinguisher from time to time, lest Razz goes Pyro.

    I recently interviewed Razz for my new Epic Blog series. To get to know a bit more about the man behind the Razz, check out this link:
    He rates you, he really does.

    Can’t wait to see the next dinner with a friend you’ve never met and hope your dinner with a friend you HAVE met last night was enjoyable.

    Warm wishes,

  10. karey m, welcome! I loved my visit to your blog yesterday. Am I a dunce or what. That Iowa is more diverse than I thought. Good Grief. I’m surprised you ventured over here at all! So glad you did. People, go visit karey m, she lives in the Middle East (not the Mid West like I was thinkin’) and writes and weaves with movies and art from sites I’ve never heard of and the effect is you want to go back. Which I did this morning, by the way, BEFORE you left this comment!

    Welcome, epicurienee, as well. Friend of Razzman and lover of food and travel! I read your interview and it was terrific but I also read a little bit about you, too! Living in London with a mysterious “monsieur” so, oh, la la…not mystery here at singleforareason in that department! Not even a cat. But, if you love food one of my posts in next two days will showcase my cooking skills. Um..Questionable is the kindest way to describe them.
    Anyway, welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment and give us the link for our Razzman! Because he is ours now, not just yours, not just mine, not just Endogirls’. Remember that line from Out of Africa? meryl streep at graveside? REading the poem by Byron, I think? Oh, I have to stop this, right now!

  11. I did NOT put that emotiocon in the above comment. I hate them. It pushed its fake self right in there.

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