Photo Stories

By: pbcmedia

Jun 28 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Some have asked. This is what some people pay me to do.

Sometimes I do it for free.

I’d like some mystical wallet in the sky to pay me and my blogging friends for our blogs and we’d make books, give speeches, have powerpoint presentations about “Local Knowledge Necessary” and “I Thought You Knew” and “Take a Spud to Dinner” series…oh, I haven’t mentioned that one yet? Yeah, stay tuned. Plus, one hatched yesterday when bonnieluria who seems to inspire me daily as she walks around NYC, made a little mix up between one Annie Leonard and Annie Lennox and I so totally yelled, “Annie Lennox!!!! I want to BE Annie Lennox.”

So, that series will be called the, “Who’d Y’ah Wanna Be If Only” series. In other words, if you could be any cool person in the world right now, would would it be? Text of course, but image would be good, too!

So, as I said, we’d go on world tours, eat bon bons, drink whiskey, hula and continue to give it all away on line for free.

Any ideas out there? Or, mystic wallets listening in?  I’m telling you we are a goldmine- untapped, so far, but when some visionary puts on his 3 day glasses in the future, he’s gonna see us and swoop us up.

I’d even do a “Payday Fall Down” Series in your honor.  When we receive our money from you, where ever we are in the world-Japan, Australia, California, South Africa, Indiana, St. Croix, Dallas, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Kansas-(sorry, if I left someone out I can’t remember the globe you know) we’d blow you kisses and then fall down on cue in total freakin’ amazment that we’re getting paid for what we love to do and which we already do for free.

7 comments on “Photo Stories”

  1. After serious consideration, I’ve determined that I’d like to be YOU wanting to be Annie Lennox!
    Imagine having that voice representing your voice?

    The photo stories are enchanting and so very funny.

  2. Ah, bonnie girl! I do so love the Lennox girl!! I saw the stories about the waterfall art installation by the Brooklyn Bridge on the news! Did you see them?? I love NY. Scares me, but I love it.

  3. Love this idea hmmm going to have to get to thinking – sorry have been distracted with african life recently, this is the perfect distraction, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow! Phew

  4. Thanks for another challenge but I’ll pass on this one because I think that it will be seen as incredibly smug of me to write an article declaring that I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but who I am.

    It’s quite a coincidence that you should raise this topic. My wife and I were talking about this very thing the other day and we discussed the pros and cons of being other people and we came to the conclusion that were happy with our lives, being ourselves and that we had found each other.

    As cool and smart as Annie Lennox is, if you were her, who would be the perfect “Pat Coakley” that we have come to know and love?

  5. Oh, but Razzman, what if I could sing your praises rather than just write them!! Just always always always wanted to be a songwriter/singer, what can i say? And, I’d like the royalties, too!! Sweet that you and your wife have found one another. Now, I think you should buy a Saab.

    Sanity, I’ve been reading the news. I wonder how your spirit can take it.

  6. “Now, I think you should buy a Saab”.

    But then I’d have to kill myself because of the shame.

    We own a Subaru Outback which according to a guy we met in Santa Fe three years ago is the car of choice for lesbians.

    So what can I say? Other than, “dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians!”

  7. OK! I just laughed so hard a jar of honey fell out of the cabinet. I’m charging up the HD video camera, too. Seriously, don’t you think this would make the perfect image to the challenge, “Fantasy Cars”?

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