How I Became Annie Spock

I simply wanted to be Annie Lennox, alright. It was the first of a new series called, “Who’d Y’a Like To Be If Only”. (PLEASE OH PLEASE SOMEONE DO ANOTHER ONE)

Razzman didn’t want to do it cuz he was content with himself, his partner in life and the life he leads.

But, oh no, not me. I want to BE somebody still. I have DREAMS unfulfilled. And, since Annie lives my life as I was SUPPOSED to live mine, I chose her to be the first in this illustrated series.

Now, look what I’ve done? I’m not Annie Lennox at all. I’m Annie Spock. AND, I STILL CAN’T SING.

Nathaliewithanh, I don’t suppose we could file this under boudooir photography could we?

©2008 Pat Coakley


14 comments on “How I Became Annie Spock”

  1. Why can’t you at least start with the hair ?

  2. Pat- you are by far, the sweetest, sickest woman on my list. When your little preview tiles started uploading, even in my diminished state of visual prowess, I glanced at half the teeny image and KNEW.
    I just KNEW what you did.
    I’m still laughing.
    You may require a wrist bracelet to keep you away from the camera and Photoshop.

    This is better than boudoir ( although I wouldn’t deny myself the opportunity to have Nathalie shoot mine ).

  3. NKGee, I don’t get it. What you said. Do you mean you don’t like the red/white thing?

    Bonnieluria, I did learn a good lesson. I like parts of me better than I thought. My ears, for example, are nicer than I ever gave them credit for in the past. I think Annie Lennox’s ears look fine on her but like Dr. Spock on me. I don’t get it. Our symmetry is much more subtle than I ever though. PS. This was the biggest traffic day on my blog since its start. But the fewest comments here. I think it scared people. Plus, if you were introduced to me giving a eulogy and then come to visit here today.


    Yeah, it’s me, people. Same one. Sometimes I wish I was someone else but it rarely, ok, never, works out.

  4. To quote the Eurythmics from the Revenge CD:

    A little of you – A little of me –
    A little of you –
    Is hurting someone –

    It’s not hurting me though: it’s a good look :)

    note: I don’t own a Eurythmics’ Cd, someone must have left it here.

  5. I actually laughed out loud when I saw your “new you”.

    I agree with NKGee and I think the next step is to get you hair done just like the photo. I’m not kidding, it looks wild and I think it suits you.

    There’s a saying from my days as a carnie, “Be good. But if you can’t be good, be colourful!”

  6. I love it! You’ve given me an excellent laugh for first thing in the morning! I love your real hair, but I have to say that the flame-colored hair looks gorgeous on you … you should hang onto your own ears, though!

  7. Planetross: A little of you, a little of me, is hurting someone…oh, what a perfect title for this as well! I’ve meaning to point out to you Rickie Gervais’ blog (British guy who created The Office, Extras, and the US series “The Office is based on it. He is making a movie here in Mass and started a blog. It reminds me of you. (He is the funniest person on planet, you are second. No, my friend Neil is second. You are third, is that OK?)

    He also has things you can download for free from ITUNES. If you are not familiar with him, check him out. He did a camera phone picture of himself the other day that well…he’s just part goofball.

    Razz, At one point I had eggplant colored hair in my early fifties. Cut short very similiar to Ms. Lennox. Several days after I tested a sweet young girl, aged 5, in a preschool program, (former school psychologist for those who don’t know), a very nice Mom came looking for me. She looked and looked and looked and then she laughed out loud.

    Ok. Not a totally unusual reaction to me but this time I had said absolutely nothing! She went on to tell me that her 7 year old boy had told them at the dinner table the other night that he had seen his sister outside his classroom walking with a woman with purple hair!!

    I would have not caused a stir in a carnival, I’m sure. But an elementary school? Oh, I was the buzz, baby.

    Girlgriot, I am hanging on to them. I even blew them a kiss this morning after I brushed my teeth.

  8. Pat, you are such a spocky creature! I LOOOOVE IT! Could you morph with Angelina Jolie (pre-twin pregnancy)? I’d like to see that. I hope this is the beginning of a new series as I’m still trying to recover from bouts of hysterical laughters.

    Absolutely nothing better to start my day! Thanks.

    Er, but boudoir it ain’t. To qualify as such, you should have lifted the cover of Bare. And put on more make-up. Of course.

  9. Pat, I think you still need some Spock enhancement – just to be really out there! By that, I mean how about getting hold of a pair of those fake Spock ears at a costume store and re-shooting? That would be whackier still. Go on! Do it!!!!

    After that, we’ll have to sign you up to some regular Trekkie bloggers and send you to a convention or two!

    Brilliant. I love your unpredictable creativity.

  10. Just to be clear….. this one freaks me out almost as much as the wheelchair photo that I hate. Don’t mess with perfection …. stay just the way you are – you don’t need any other persona ! By the way, I thought of you as I entered the grocery store (my favorite place on earth) last night. There was a large sign posted on the door – NO PHOTOGRAPHY ! You better check Stop & Shop the next time you go in….

  11. Pat, I was searching for the original “Tracks of My Tears” for a post, and found this and thought (naturally) of you:

  12. I never thought I’d hear a man who made Annie’s voice sound deep.

    For a little chiaroscuro at the other end of musical taste and because it appeals to my perverse sense of humour here’s an amazing cover of “Sweet dreams are made of this”

  13. Wow wow and more wow, girlgriot! I’m not kidding, that is why I want to be Annie Lennox! Did Smokey ever sound better? HOLY HOLY. Thanks so much! PS. Nothing in my life so far looks to be as much fun as that. Including, you know what.

    Razzman, when I saw the artist, I went, “oh, no! no, Razzman, no.” But, by the time the video ended, I thought you know this video was fabulous. And, I began thinking of his whole persona and totally rethought him. Out of left field, once again, Razzman.

    HJ, my dear, calm down. Wheelchairs are part of life. Trying to twist our little selves into bigger selves is also. People trying to bar me from taking photographs in a grocery store?? Oh, no. Not happening. They’ll have to assign me a security agent that follows me the entire time. And, they shall fail, because I shall charm their eyes shut with my special candy.

  14. I’m glad you liked the video. I think that Marilyn Manson is very misunderstood. I’ve read one of his books and he is a scream. He’s got a great sense of humour and he doesn’t take himself anywhere near as serious as so many other people do.

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