I Thought You Knew

By: pbcmedia

Jul 05 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Please, do not honk because I ALWAYS yield to passing clouds.

This is the second in the “I THOUGHT YOU KNEW” series.

Really, I thought you did.



©Pat Coakley 2008


13 comments on “I Thought You Knew”

  1. Beautiful composition! The sky is so bright it’s amazing. The detail on the sign contrasted with the distant clouds is just perfect.

    I still don’t understand “I Thought You Knew” though. I guess I’m slow.

  2. So if it’s stormy, you’d be yielding for eva! Just sayin’.

    I took another “What’s the friggin’ point?” pic for you on my Sunday Photo Essay. The army base just makes it too easy for us, hehe.

    I did 3 photo essays for 4th of July! Sunday was just the leftover/random pics

  3. Great shot W1!


  4. I to yield for the clouds, it is often in those moments that I feel the greatest inspiration, being wrapped up in the dreamy fantasies of life. Honk and I won’t hear you, I always yield to the passing clouds… Beautiful, love the imagery!

  5. You yield to clouds.
    I brake for hallucinations!

  6. Welcome to the club who don’t understand “I Thought You Knew” series. I’m not sure I even understand it but here is its genesis: One day I discovered that someone I thought knew something, something sorta important, about me, didn’t know it. I had presumed he knew. It started me thinking. How many other things, important and non, do we think people know but who actually don’t know it. We think they are mind readers, but they are not. So, now, it’s a series that encompasses the a range of realities and fantasies that I think people know about me but probably don’t. Clear as mud??

    Pomeroy! Welcome back! By the time of your comments, I know you are prowling the back nine of night, more like early, early morning. Thanks for including me in your nocturnal travels.

    Leave it to you, sanity, to explain my photograph!! I love that about you!

    Razz! Now, I want to see the image for “I brake for hallucinations!” You said you might start using more photoshop and illustrator after “Local Knowledge Necessary” right? You’ve even got an animation in one of your posts. This hilarious comment deserves a razzbuffnik image, me thinks.

  7. To the colors of Independence Day Weekend!

    I knew you were independent.
    I knew you have an artists’ eye.
    I knew you have a philosophers’ mind.
    I know you look as fetching in a facial mask as you do pearls.

    I know I love reading your blog.

  8. I’ve been yielding to many things as of late. Taking the time to look around and re-evaluate things that I’ve allowed to fly by unnoticed.

    Thanks for your patience, and your words of encouragement and support.

  9. Ah, Bonnieluria, simply, “Ah…” Another comment goes into the rescue box.

    Tysdaddy, I’m so happy you are feeling well enough to check out your blogging fans. We have missed you!

    Sweetiegirlz, I just went and looked at your new “What’s the friggin’ Point?” It’s a classic. Honestly, I can’t imagine why they did it. I look forward to more!! Just let us know.
    Here it is, people!:

  10. If that is not what I should do you must let me know oks – soz, your photos just speak to me and I just kind of splurge it outs.

  11. This photo is brilliant in its simplicity…but it’s had an unusual effect on me: I’m stuck for words! Perhaps it’s that word ‘yield’ which has the strength to zip my lips… I love it. One word, so much power.

  12. Thanks for the shout out, Pat. You are so sweet.

  13. Great photo and philosophy :)

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