Magical People

By: pbcmedia

Jul 07 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Let me introduce you to the magical people. They entertained me on Saturday in their home on Cape Cod.

They are lawyers who defend those no one else wants to defend. They love Johnny Cash and sometimes fantasize they shall show up in court all dressed in black and plead with the judge not to send their client to Folsom Prison.

They love dogs. They have three. The gray poodle is who I want to be when I am reincarnated.

They love their children (from previous marriages) and talk about them the way you always wanted your mother and father to talk about you.

They served me steak and mashed potatoes and asparagus which all by itself would have made me love them and hug their knees on the way out.

But what they served me really was a magical world of blue hydrangeas, gray salt box weathered shingles, and robin’s egg blue wicker chairs, inhabited by two souls borne of pain but whipped until frothy and light by Irish humor and tender hearts.

I’m thinking if I can’t be that gray poodle, maybe I could live in their tree. I’d smile at them when they came home from work and give them a little wave, too.

Hugging their knees would simply be pathetic.

©Pat Coakley 2008


12 comments on “Magical People”

  1. Another great photo :)

  2. I want to take pictures like Pat’s when I grow up!!!

  3. My kind of tree house. Amazing work, Pat.


  4. They truly sound like amazing people, a blessing knowing them as I am sure they feel the same about you! Magical indeed, hold onto the magician, never let it go!

  5. Johnny is always overdressed for the weather!

    I love the poetry of the magical world: “Two souls borne out of pain…” The music of these words is sweet to my tender ear.

  6. What a lovely thing to say about people. Wow.

  7. PlanetRoss, thanks. Sometimes I think I should give you some images and you could do your planetross thing. Make them into that silly/profound confection that only you do.

    Arnysmom and tysdaddy: thanks from Gramma!

    Insanity, holding onto the magician isn’t as easy as one thinks!

    Nathaliewithanh: oh, I laughed at Johnny is always overdressed!

    Amber: i’m so glad that is communicated cuz they were terrific in a very original way.

  8. Wow, Pat, this is an excellent montage, so wonderful. Johnny almost looks menacing in that soft green garden until you realize it’s Johnny Cash and you just have to smile. Your friends sound like beautiful people. Lucky you and lucky them — after all, they get to have you for a friend!

  9. I always find it so rewarding to spend time with those people who make me inspired to be a better person. Some people are just great to be around. Sometimes it’s their cooking. Sometimes it’s their love of family. Sometimes it’s their spirituality. Sometimes it’s their work ethic. Sometimes it’s all sorts of things rolled up together into an exceptional human being.

    I always try to be like those people. I may not succeed, but I figure I’m closer to being that type of person than I would be if I didn’t try.

  10. The magician lives in our hearts sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to resuscitate it by bouncing off walls and climbing ceilings… Anyways magician or not these two + 3x dogs are blessed to have you in their lives. Now off to go find my mind, lets hope I find it today!

  11. Headlines be damned, consumerism-passe`, reality TV- bites.

    What you’ve described here is the essence of what we all want and if we’re lucky and conscious, we’re able to have by being what it is we want others to be.

    Magical people choose saucy sorceresses’ for friends.
    I can see you’ve found your people, and they, YOU.

    We’ve been everywhere, man…………

  12. Girlgriot, yes, he does look menancing! And, that is part of their life, too. Trying to manage menacing realities with humor and song!

    Twobuyfour, as close as I’m going to get to being like these two will be living in their tree. Maybe I’ll pick up some pointers, though.

    Insanity not smoking insanity, how’ya doin’ with the demons? Not easy. Not easy at all.

    Bonnieluria, girl! Safe journey home today. I can’t wait to see in the coming weeks the effects of where you have taken me. I’m going on a ferry to Provincetown to meet my cousin and his wife. Maybe someone will bite my neck like nathaliewithanh!

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