In my next life, I am coming back as a large gray poodle.  No inhibitions.  No xanax needed.   If I feel the need to scratch, I’m going for it, all out.  If I happen to kick  the person sitting next to me in the ribs with my leg?  Too bad.  I have to scratch.  They’ll just have to deal with it.

8 comments on “TRY TO RELAX”

  1. LOL Pat, are trying to honestly tell us that you aren’t a large grey poodle who acts that way???? That would be exactly what I would expect from you.

    Cute pic…. animals… so spoiled. :D

  2. I love this post! It made me smile from ear to ear! Dogs do have the perfect life!

  3. Lol this pooch looks like a cartoon character or me for that matter after a heavy night, cute!

  4. Pat, this picture reminds me of a friend who works for an auction house here in London. She organises their events and on one such occasion noticed a dog asleep on a chaise longue (similar to above, but I think the dog was a corgi). Anyway, all sorts of eccentrics are admitted to these things so she ignored it until the end of the evening when she finally went to the security guards to ask if they knew where the dog’s owner was. “There’s no owner,” they told her, “that’s one of the artworks…” We’ve been teasing her about it ever since!

  5. Porn for pooches. What a way to start my week . . .


  6. The comments here today are as funny as your original posting of this dog.
    But why wait until the next life?
    I think you are the perfect life form to be considered one of the artworks in any gallery in THIS lifetime.

  7. I’m loving that pose. That reminds me, I could use a nap!

  8. Oooo. Porn for Pooches. I’m dyin’ here tydaddy! hilarious. Bonnieluria is exactly right, I start somewhere and the comments often simply take it to another level!

    Epicurienne, I love this! I thought you were going to say that the dog was dead! Much better that is “Ahh-rt”.

    Insanity: you know you are the only one who admit a resemblance, but we all have our moments!

    Iwayswrite: this dog truly had the life! Steak not hamburger. Thanks for dropping by.

    Sweetiegirlz: Don’t we all need a nap?? Maybe this is a new series? Bloggers Napping?? You, first!!

    Amber, I simply laughed reading your comment. I have gray hair for sure, my ladylike demeanor really is paper thin, so you are probably right!

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