What’s On Your Refrigerator?

New Series, people! Whaat?! Yes, new series. Calm down.

What’s On Your Refrigerator? No moving things, adding things, rearranging for effect, either. Just a snapshot of what’s there right now. Reveal yourself! Your true self! Who needs Dr. Phil?

It’s Frig (not frig as in abbreviation of friggin, OK, word police?) Therapy.

Here’s mine. Childhood photo on upper right. Reminds me. Oh, just reminds me. Dr’s appointments. Oh, yeah, the whole front could be plastered with those. Problem is, one of them is from April, 06. I don’t really pay attention to my refrigerator as it turns out.

Christmas card from two years ago. They bent themselves into letters “Peace”.

A px of a former student and her family. She sends me nice letters and reminds me of my former life.

Magnet from Southwick Zoo. My sister in law and I took the grand niece and nephew. She rode the elephant with them. Oh, no. No elephant riding for me. I took the pictures.

The alphabet just in case I forget any letters.

There, that’s it.

Oh, I forgot. There’s my three business cards at the bottom. I can’t really figure out who or what I am or what business I am in, actually, so I have three cards, three different “looks”. Some cards don’t even have my phone number, just email. I don’t like the phone. It never works right. People telling me bad news or sad things.  There should be phone rules: NO BAD NEWS.

Tomorrow, is Part Two, “What’s In Your Refrigerator?. I need a crash helmet to open up mine in order not to get beaned by falling debris, so this should be very interesting.

Let us know when you’ve posted yours!!

C’mon. It’s summertime (well, not, in Australia) Time for goofy projects.

©Pat Coakley 2008


16 comments on “What’s On Your Refrigerator?”

  1. You are kidding us when you are saying you no longer answer the phone?

  2. I’m kidding a little but not by much, worldgaze. Answering machines have liberated me from thinking I have to answer. Caller ID has allowed me to answer if I think I need to talk to this person, right this minute. I don’t watch TV or use the phone in the same way I used to. They were beginning to be tyrants. Be gone tyrants. At least those i can kick out all by myself.

  3. [I wish we had asked you to get rid of Saddam, you probably would have done it more elegantly! :)]
    So now we know you manage your time much more carefully. So what brought that change? What realization shook the foundation of your being?
    Did you face some sort of ground zero experience or did it come more gradually?

  4. With four very creative kids and a schedule to rival that of Barack Obama, it would take *hours* to tell you what’s on my fridge! And inside? I’m reminded of the famous line from Fight Club . . . A fridge full of condiments but no food. Ha! How many bottles of mustard does one family need?!

  5. I’ll put something up tomorrow morning. Don’t expect much, I’m not one for having lots of stuff all over my fridge. Just a kokopelli magnet with a list of things that need doing around the house and a magic pudding.

    As for what’s in my fridge? Way too much to describe.

  6. Razz, oh, a magic pudding I think will suffice. A kokopelli magnet? Never heard of such a thing. And that’s what cameras are for my friend: the inside of the refrigerator. When words can’t get the job done.

    Tysdaddy: this is a project for you little one with the new camera with so many shooting modes…surely there must be called “Inside the Refrigerator” shooting mode? This is right you her alley. No excuses like schedules or condiments…oh, no. This is what we want!

    Worldgaze, interesting question as to when I had this turnaround moment….perhaps it was the perfectly sunny,lovely summer’s day that I found myself watching an Ice Fishing show on TNN. I don’t even fish. Not ever.
    I was sitting at the edge of my seat, too. When is that damn fish gonna bite? That could have been my low point. I’m going to think about this more.

  7. “as to when I had this turnaround moment….perhaps it was the perfectly sunny,lovely summer’s day that I found myself watching an Ice Fishing show on TNN. I don’t even fish. Not ever.”

    From now on we could scientifically tag this syndrome the Coakley moment. A moment when liberation was suddenly seen at proximity. A taste of lightness of being perhaps.

  8. Another project? Well, okay. I guess I could probably fit this in :)

  9. Pat, I love that Peace card! It’s coolllll. I also love the black fridge. Us Army folks have to take what they give us, which is white white white! Look for mine very soon. Photography=Love to me. love it love it love it. Goofy projects? I define goofy.

  10. okay Pat, it’s up. Try not to laugh

  11. Little one is on it Pat! She just took the picture, and is kicking her brother off her computer to go and update her blog!

    And the inside of the fridge isn’t as bad as hubby says it is. There’s lots of milk in there and a watermelon too!

  12. You make me feel inadequate. I just have a picture of my departed office lizard. In a lizard Geico frame. Tragic. Will put reminder on fridge to make appointment with therapist.

  13. Oh also, I have only peanut butter and champagne in my fridge but my dog brought me a dead rat from the yard this morning. That has to count for something.

  14. I have your phone number stuck on my refridgerator, guess I’ll put it in the freezer.

  15. One picture of my fridge with some other photos of what I’ve been up to lately have been put up on my blog.

  16. I have a two year old.

    The bottom third is mostly animal and letter magnets!
    The top two thirds are “to do” lists dating back to the mid-Carter administration.

    -Turkish Prawn

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