Inside My Refrigerator…Eeeww!

This is pitiful.

At least I don’t have dead cats in here or something.

But, hopefully, my Doctor doesn’t read my blog. Am I kidding? Dr. I’m-From-Planet-Big-Deal? He’d have to know my name at least for that.

That’s a roast chicken in the green vegetable bag. (I ran out of aluminum foil, OK?)

I roast a chicken every week. And, usually make chicken soup as well, but not in the summer.

By the looks of that bottom shelf, I’m on the cheese and bacon diet.

Those grape tomatoes on upper left? Yeah, well, how do I say this artfully? They’ve expired.

Ok. Now, we know why we’re all gonna go to Razz’s house to eat.

See you there at 7:30 July 10th.

So what if it’s 10,000 miles away from here. I bet he doesn’t have things that are expired.

Who’s game for this challenge?

Here are those who rose to the Outside the Refrigerator Challenge and they are as revealing as an underwear drawer. Which is the next challenge. Get ready. I’m washing the bloomers right now.

Tysdaddy’s daughter





If I have missed anyone, let me know.

©Pat Coakley 2008



9 comments on “Inside My Refrigerator…Eeeww!”

  1. Your fridge looks pretty darn yummy! I love cheese and bacon. AND roast chicken! Is that REAL mayo. Dang Pat, I think we should get married.

  2. I doesn’t matter that there lot’s of expired stuff in there. Our’s has lots too.

  3. Okay Pat,

    for once, I’ve managed to finish my homework! Here’s the ON and IN fridge link for you.

    PS I love Laughing Cow cheese… yum yum… tummy rumbling away here. In fact, I’m not fussy, I just love cheese. So I take it when we have dinner sometime, (perhaps chez Razzbuffnik) there WILL BE a cheeseboard? Pretty please?

  4. Well, people, once again, you have risen to the challenge and elevated it at the same time. Sweetiegirlz’s fridge tells me I want her to be in charge if my life falls apart. Things seem to belong where they are in her ice box. (see how old I am? Ice Box.)

    Epicurienne’s frig? De-construct a gourmet meal and you’ll find it in her refrigerator. As I commented, “The day I have wild boar’s dried sausage is a day to circle on your French calendar. Let’s call it “Frogs Fell From the Sky” day.

    And, bluegerbill22, you sweet photo girl! I’m glad you’ve got expired things too! Your outside of the frig photo looks to have more square footage than my condo. People, this is tysdaddy’s daughter and she takes photos with a new camera that does just about everything.

  5. Pat- I recognize that Polly-O Mozzerella bag on the bottom shelf. Other than Kraft orange styrofoam, it’s about the only cheese we get here regularly. Maybe a brie once in a while.

    I love your Laughing Cow and Suffocated Chicken.

    This challenge is pretty funny and I’m getting ready to post one on my blog momentarily………

  6. Pat! You need to go check out The Cheese’s fridge…

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