I am trying to learn new tricks. Two books that have lessons. I underline. I must remember this. Then, I forget.


Martin Amis’ House of Meetings:

There be monsters.

Nuala O’Faolain: Are You Somebody?

Well–am I somebody? I’m not anybody in terms of the world, but then, who decides what a somebody is? How is a somebody made? I’ve never done anything remarkable, neither have most people. Yet most people, like me, feel remarkable.


Are you trying to learn new tricks, too?

Do tell.


Pretty please with sprinkles.

©2008 Pat Coakley


9 comments on “NEW TRICKS”

  1. Oh, I’m trying!
    I’m looking at a total career change after 10 years of doing the same thing. I just don’t know what yet. SPOOKY!

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. For me, blogging was a new trick. I had avoided starting one and doing it for real for quite some time. Then a class I took on research methods for professional writers led to starting The Cheek as a final project. I’m been at it since February and am nearing my 100th post, perhaps by late next week. That one promises to be a doozy . . .

    Otherwise, I’m learning how to take care of myself better. I’m not getting any younger and getting up should be fun. So that’s what I’m working on.

    Writing more. Writing better. Ongoing tricks that I’ve rediscovered as of late.

    And next, I want to take Razz up on his challenge and try and cook something I can’t pronounce. Suggestions? Remember, I have four kids. And while they like new adventures, food isn’t one of them.

    Pat, you are somebody. You’re gramma Pat. And you’ll always be special . . .

  3. Fame and power are two things that are listed by Epicurus (a person I pay attention to) as being without any worth what so ever. Neither nice nor necessary.

    I’m learning to drive my new camera and Photoshop CS3 (both new this week).

    Hey Turkish

    Knowing what to do for a living is something that I’ve searched for all my life. I’ve found that like many things it’s the wishing for something that’s better than to having of it.

    I’ve been back to school twice to change the direction of my life. Back in the late 80’s I went to night school at art college and studied photography for 4 years and back in 2000 I did another 2 years full time at design school.

    The one good thing about going back to school as a mature student is that it’s easy to be top of the class.

  4. Pappy, you have always encouraged me to keep learning, and I so appreciate it! I want to learn how to knit mittens so I can give them to my nieces and nephew at Christmas. They will probably never wear them, but I remember my aunt making them for us one year and I thought it was so great! I am always trying to learn to be better organized about my housework and chores. Professionally, I am trying to encourage the growth of a thick, confident skin so I can lead my team without without trying to please everyone all the time!

  5. Oh, so sweet, niece Alice! Knit me mittens! I’ll wear them for sure! Mother of two boys who rode the elephant smiling and waving like she did this everyday!

    Razz, mention of Epicurius and a new camera in the same post? I’m sorry, but the new camera makes me want to know more! Fame and Power, no, I agree with Mr. E. But, putting meaning in a life? An on going question for me. A complex question, I guess. Different answers different periods.

    Tysdaddy, I’ll leave the menu suggestions to Razz. Chicken salad is my speciality! But, I think you are learning tricks some by force (health) and others by your creative spirit.


    These are the tricks we all could benefit from! Let us know how it goes!

  6. Lol have I told you lately how brilliant you are? You are brilliant! Am busy studying at the University of Life, its so far been quite a course but one that I am thoroughly enjoying. Current subjects are how to Circumvent Foreign Home Affairs Offices, TEFL and How to NOT burn yourself while making Coffee. Still choosing next semesters subjects, we’ll see…

  7. I’m trying to unlearn. Everything. With joy!

  8. I’m trying to learn to make magic with my camera. I’m trying to write a novel, wake up before 11 a.m. go to sleep before 3 a.m. and find the inner child in me, while simultaneously begging my gurlz to stay little!

    All people are in fact, works in progress. While we’ll learn new tricks, there’s no shortage of new tricks to learn.

    I love your bloggems Pat !

  9. Yes, indeed, sweetiegirlz. You are right about the bloggems. They make this whole experience far deeper than whatever thoughts I have. It is a feature I did not anticipate when I started. Now, I can’t imagine blogging without their input. It is not a monologue by any means.

    Nathaliewithanh: you have an important point as well. The joy part is the surprise, isn’t it?

    Sanity: I have just visited your new signs blog. Where or where do you get these things. People go and see. ttp://

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