What’s My Line?

By: pbcmedia

Jul 20 2008

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Focal Length:7.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


The first monthly contest of “What’s My Line?” is open for submissions.

Contribute a line to go with this photo and win something. I haven’t figured out that part yet. In fact, if you want to contribute some prize ideas, I wouldn’t turn those down either.

After twelve months, I’ll make a set of cards and we’ll auction them to the highest bidder?

Hey, it’s better than another monster post, isn’t it?

©Pat Coakley 2008


15 comments on “What’s My Line?”

  1. Weird Costumed Guy to lady on his right: “Just keep moving lady…When we reach the food court, you order me 3000 burritos to power my space ship!”

    Weird Costumed Guy (to himself): “Hot Topic…Hot Topic…Where IS that store??!”

    Lady on right to weird costumed guy: “Okay, Okay, I’m going! Just quit pointing that sword in my hip, OMG! That’s not a sword!

  2. Lady on the right to the lady approaching: “What are you staring at? Haven’t you ever seen a sweet lucious hunk of man candy before??”

    Lady approaching to the lady on the right: “Helen, WTF!! You are not setting me up with any more blind dates!”

  3. “Come on honey, I really feel horny!”

  4. Lady approaching to Lady on right:

    “Helen, George has skipped his medication again”.

  5. Why do I have to dress as the viking, why can’t you dress as the french maid, for once?

  6. Oh, I’m going to like this challenge! I can tell already I’m going to have a hard time picking just one. Now, I’m going to look for my ol’ french maid outfit!

  7. “After a day of raping and pillaging, I really need to stop by and get me some of them Gucci sunglasses – all of the good Vikings are wearing them you know!”

  8. Dark Knight- Hah!
    I’ll show ’em who put the Goth into Gotham.

  9. I am now trying to figure out a high tech way of having one card with all these responses. “Once upon a time there was a Viking who raped and pillaged in his French maid costume but then changed into his Goth outfit with the Gucci sunglasses, took his medication and his..ahem…sword…and said, “I feel horny” again! He must have just eaten chinese food or 3000 burritos and he went to interview on “The Bachelor”. Hah!

  10. Thor ” where is Norsetroms?”

  11. Ladyon left looking shocked ” is that Freja with Thor! Njord would die and I don’t want to think what Odin would do. Holy Herring.”

  12. LOL on the french maid outfit, I dare you to post a pic with you wearing it!

  13. Ok. NKGee. I am on the floor with these two. You had me at “Thor”. But, Norsetroms?? Oh, please, perfect. “Holy Herring” is my one word line of all time. I am going to start saying it now instead of “Holy Crap”.

    Dobegil, there is zero chance of any px of French maid outfit. Zero. Sarkozy, the French President, doesn’t want any Irish girls messing with their traditions.

  14. Try as they might, mall management couldn’t quite convince the public to accept The Feast of Ostara as a legitimate gift-giving holiday.

  15. Holy Herring! Mt. Brooks has forgotten to wear his shirt to visit singleforareason. I’ll cover my eyes. Ok, I’m peeking. But, damn if he doesn’t know his Slavic Mythology. Rebirth should be a legitimate gift giving holiday!

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