I Wuv Apple

This is my dahlia. Big whoop. I hear you. But my grand niece saw it and said, “Pappy, this flower is so sweet!”

How sweet?

I took this picture with my IPHONE!!!

Ooooooo…. sweet.

I was going to do a post about sleeping in the nude..

How more men prefer it than women..

And how it’s actually healthier for your private bits….

But I said Nah!

They want to see my dahlia posted on the new WordPress app for Iphone!

More info on nudie sleeping over at:

28 comments on “I Wuv Apple”

  1. You gotta love technology phew! That flower is awesome honest to God I have never seen one of these in real life, guess I haven’t lived!

  2. “I was going to do a post about sleeping in the nude”

    I wish you had have. Much more interesting than plant porn.

  3. Women sleep in preparation of always having to be ” on call” and can’t risk getting caught in their all togethers’ in case of a family crisis. Crying baby, burning house, cat tail caught in door jamb of guest bedroom where two of your sons’ friends are camped out- I mean, we must always be READY.

    That is one gorgeous Dahlia, doll.

  4. PS- how do you change your wordpress background color every day to suit your chosen topic? I mean, this mauve is gorgeous.

    I’m afraid to jimmy around with settings for fear of erasing all my posts, or forever jamming the thing up, or worse, launching the missles from the hidden bunker.

    I love how dynamic and graphically powerful your site looks- all the time, every time.
    How do you get the settings like this?

    Maybe it depends on your template……

  5. lol Pat….

    First of all, I absolutely love Dalias… I went to a Dalia festival in Portland, Oregon. It was amazing. That is a beauty! And you took that with your Iphone… wow.

    Second of all….lol You are too dang funny :) Come on over we’ll have a naked sleep over at my house. A unusual twist to the regular slumber party deal. no pj’s allowed… lol

  6. Gorgeous!! And I have to agree with bonnieluria. The very moment I even consider sleeping in my birthday suit – it’s the very moment kiddos start having allergy issues, or the dog acts up, or we get a storm that rattles the entire castle and knocks out the electricity, which triggers the waking of every other living thing in the house – none of which know where the flashlights are kept even though they’ve been in the same spot for 5 years!


  7. Sanity, these are called “dinner plate” dahlias because they are almost as big as a real dinner plate.

    Now, Razz, c’mon. Plant Porn!! The kids asked me this morning, “Which do you like better, Pappy. Flowers or Technology?” Flowers to me are like your crepe flambe to you, OK? Granted not as interesting as sleeping in the nude, but I gave you the link!! You don’t even think it’s purrtee at all??

    BonnieL: my template is called “Monotone” and it does the daily work automatically of picking a complimentary color. The problem is this template only has one page About. No blogrolls, no other pages available as of yet. It’s primarily for photo bloggers or so it appears.
    I also think you are right about women always being at the ready! Sometimes, I’ve been known to sleep in my clothes! Could this be yet another single for a reason???

    Amber, I love ya but ixney to the nude sleepover! But, a dahila festival?? Yea!

    Arynsmom, this is why there are servants in castles so you won’t have to worry about all these things. But, until they are hired, better to sleep in your jammies.

  8. I am finding it very, very difficult to not take this opening… so I’m going to…

    Some women might sleep with something on so they are always ready.
    It might just be the case that so many men sleep in the nude for the exact same reason.

    Apologies, but I wasn’t letting that one go with out comment.

    -Turkish Prawn

  9. Are they edible? Was going to say I will look into them here in hell but I doubt they will grow with me near by. I walk past and plants wilt to the ground… shocking really! Beautiful photo agains, we are yet to get iphones hmph

  10. Thanks Prawn, for saying what I was thinking.

    >You don’t even think it’s purrtee at all??

    Sure , like a sunset. Be there and push the button. Now if you’d gotten closer to fill the whole frame with the flower and caught a bug leaping off the flower into flight, frozen in mid air by the short flash duration I would’ve been thrilled for you.

    I most look forward to the posts that make me think. The sleeping in the nude thing is a good one that I think is way better than a close up of a plant’s reproductive organ.

    Ladies, as for the desire to be ready all the time, just hang your dressing gown on the back of your bedroom door. If you’re worried about kids running in, it’s time to get out the old cattle prod and deal out a little shock aversion training.

    There’s nothing like a little skin against skin.

    I mean really! Where’s your priorities?

    Or has the thrill gone for you?

  11. Razz, Plant porn? Were you having an O’Keeffe moment looking at Pappy’s flower?
    I’m sorry but that would be one funky vajayjay.
    Pat, my yard would bring tears to your eyes.

  12. “I’m sorry but that would be one funky vajayjay.”

    For a plant, that’s exactly what it is.

    I’ve always thought is was ironic that we tear the genitalia off plants and give them to each other in the hope of …… how shall I put this?….. getting closer?

    I’m glad we haven’t developed the custom of presenting bunches of other more complex life form’s reproductive organs.

  13. Turkishporn, sorry, I’m dyslexic, I mean Turkishprawn, touche` and very funny comment.

    Razzbuffnik-we’ve tried skin against skin- the tropics in the summer with no air conditioning begs for some diaphanous separating garment to keep that lovely skin from adhering like fly paper to your already sticky dermis.
    Thrill is one thing, sleepless nights on end, is not pretty.

  14. Bonnie

    I hear what you’re saying about the tropics. I experienced the same thing in “Two weeks in hell. Belize City, Belize” (the second most popular post on my blog).

  15. Wow, that’s nice! I’m afraid I don’t have a green thumb, just a brown one.

  16. Bonnieluria,
    Entertainingly enough, that’s where my name comes from. But not like you’re thinking. It’s kind of confusing, actually. It started out as Turkish Pr0n but involved no nekkid people. Just firearms. I’m kinda odd that way. It’s explained in my first post.


    You do know the difference between naked and nekkid, right?
    Naked is when you have no clothes on. Nekkid is when you have no clothes on and are up to sumthin.

    Turkish Prawn

  17. Wow. What a debate, and all while I was fast asleep .
    That dahlia is gorgeous. Typical example of where nature gets it right.
    As for the naked sleeping, well… in summer it works for us but in winter I wear so many clothes to bed that my mother is surprised I ever found someone who accepts me with or without my woollen camping socks+track pants+ ice hockey sweatshirt. And that’s all WITH central heating. Even after so many years, the UK winter is rough. This what we wear to bed thing is interesting. What’s Spud’s preference?

  18. Epicurienne,
    If the UK winter drive you to that much bed clothing, my advice is, “Don’t move to the coast of Maine.”

    -Turkish Prawn

  19. Well, I’ve been with spider man for the past day. No skin on skin action either, Razzman! Did you just diss my dahlia px with suggestion that it was in the hokum of hohum sunset pictures taken by cretans who just “be there and push the button”?

    Ouch! Where’s the neosporin and the bandaids? Yes, indeed, that’s just what it was but but but…(sputtering) don’t be mean. Didn’t I say I took it with my IPHONE? Jeesh. It was precisely,exactly “be there push button” and that was the whole point. I was thrilled to upload picture and blog text soley through the iphone!! Holy Herring!

    Come closer to the computer screen Razzamuffin. Fill the frame with your handsome razzbuffnik face. You see that little bug on your nose? See it illuminated with a short flash duration? All set? You say you like posts that make you think? Here’s one: POW! Bang! PoW! Pow! I just squished that bug on your nose.

    What? You say you can’t think if your head is spinning like a top? Me, either. Sorry. Can we make up now?

    Turkish, don’t be sorry for bringing up the truth of “readiness” And, turkish porn! Oh, that may be permanently in my head now.

    Dobegil, I don’t have a green thumb, either! For every bloom that I have, there’s some strangled floppy thing swooning next to it.

    Epicurienne, Um…last night i slept in my clothes. Again.
    I’d had a long day with spider man. The wind was blowing through my window. The thunder and the lightning was biblical and I thought I’ll get up in a minute after the storm. Next thing I knew: dawn.

    As for vajayjays? I shall tell you all this story. My 5 year old grand niece fell off a chair and hurt hers. Screaming, crying for her mother. I was totally stumped at how to soothe her. “How ya’ doin’ down there” was the best I could do. I know. Pitiful. We had just gone to the movie, I think “Kung Fu Panda”, and there was some animated creature character that had her same name, I said, “Do you think this has ever happened to the Katie in the movie?” She stopped crying immediately. Started shaking her head like a wise, wise old woman, and said, “Pappy!! She doesn’t have a vagina!”

    Gulp. Okay, then. Um…so, how ya’ doin’ down there now?

  20. BTW, I covet your iPhone.
    -Turkish Prawn

  21. I think you stole my high school graduation photo! I’m there behind the dahlia. Corsages were bigger in the 80’s.

    I like your dahlia.

    As for sleeping naked or nekkid with someone you fancy, it makes it easier to garden at night. If by yourself, it may be cooler but definitely not so much fun: especially if mosquitoes are in the vicinity :(

  22. “Didn’t I say I took it with my IPHONE? Jeesh.”

    I think that’s what pushed my button.

    Bawhaw haw haw!

    Look at all the comments you’ve had on this post. Good thing there’s someone shaking your tree.

  23. “Bawhaw haw haw!”

    Is that aussie for “NahNahNananah!” or “Boo Hoo! Harden the F Up?”

    I”Look at all the comments you’ve had on this post. Good thing there’s someone shaking your tree.”

    As in I, UberBuffnik, am the needed one to shake your tree and drive traffic to your blog?

    Just asking for clarification.

  24. No, no, no. That was my evil master criminal laugh.

    Driving traffic to my blog? I don’t think so.

    I just thought I’d toss in something other than a pat on the back into the mix. Adding to the polemic, so to speak. I was under the impression that you could take it. Sorry if I offended, it wasn’t my intention.

    Years ago when I was in art college, I was in the colour print room waiting for some prints to come out of the processor when the head of the photography department came up to me and said, “how come you’re doing so many prints of that?” As he pointed to my print of two bell peppers I’d photographed ala Edward Wesson.

    I replied to him that I wanted to put the best print in my end of year graduating portfolio.

    He then said to me, “don’t do that, they look like two turds on a blanket.” “Throw them out!”

    After four years of having the crap beaten out of my ego with criticism during group discussion in class by lecturers and fellow students, I didn’t even get offended.

    I didn’t put the pictures in my final portfolio.

    At the end of the year that same head of the photography department asked if he could keep my folio as an example for students in the future as something to aspire to.

    That was almost 20 years ago.

    I little while back I was going through my old prints and I found the shot of the two peppers and I was shocked at how bad it was.

    Now I’m not saying your shot was bad, just ordinary and not up to your usual standard, along the lines of “Asphalt Art” or “Childhood Vikings”.

    I’m just urging you on to greater heights.

  25. Razamuffin! Although I’m trying to imagine circumstances that fit the benign evil master criminal laugh, I suspect this is simply something that I’d recognize if I knew you in real world but it is a little hard to translate into cyberspace speak. In my experience, you don’t ever use comment section to “pat on back” people, just to expand the thought or image in some way with your own thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, these comments do urge me on to greater heights and on this one occasion of photo puffery, simply confused me.

    Hey, this is sounding a lot like real life, isn’t it?

    And, so it is! We move on. I wuv you AND my Apple products. It’s a fact: you are in THAT affective company. Plus, I drive a Saab. You feel you’d have to kill yourself if you owned a Saab, you said. But, It’s an old, old Saab, Razzman and I don’t talk on my IPHONE as I drive it, if that helps at all.

  26. Gosh, how a dahlia can inspire such opinions. This is actually quite healthy, methinks! So far we’ve learned that vajayjays mean um well down there,
    That we know someone in Turkish Porn (sorry, TP)
    That sleeping naked is supposed to be less yeasty for our um bits n pieces
    That I Phones work with blogging and are covetable
    That naked and nekkid are two slightly different things
    That Maine will make me wear my camping socks to bed
    That five year olds know the proper word for vagina
    That sleeping in St Croix is hot hot hot
    … gosh, I’ve only partly covered it.
    If anything, isn’t it great that we’ve covered so much because of
    1. Pat’s Dahlia and 2. Pat’s comment about Amber’s post on naked sleeping? I don’t know about all of you, but I think this post has achieved a HUGE amount of openness. And fire, between Razz n Pat… Someone, grab the extinguishers!

    It’s 28 Celsius in London. Guess what I’m sleeping in tonight…

  27. Epicurienne! This I believe: my comment section is more interesting sometimes than my posts. Plus, I feel like they are real life relationships. They are, aren’t they?? Hello, hello? This phenomena has been a total surprise to me as I have blogged along. In many ways when I post something, I feel it is just the beginning of it. Oh, God. Is this my Tom Cruise moment?

  28. […] I know Razz wants the Dahlia picture with a passion, but I’m not making it. I don’t care how you beg me. However, if […]

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