I’m not kidding.

I slept in my clothes.

A long night of torrential rains, biblical thunder and lightning and white caps on a sheltered cove had finally given way to only a continuing southwest gale. The sun was out. I opened my eyes and then the door.

Spiderman was lurking. Wondering. Waiting.

I need coffee I said to Spiderman.

And, my camera. I went back in and took it out.

Spiderman craned his neck to see what I was doing.

What Pappy always does, sweet spiderman.


©Pat Coakley 2008



  1. Pat something really strange happened when I clicked on your site! The picture of two adorable children sleeping gave way to the awesome image of Spiderman. Why on earth would you wear clothes to bed when Spiderman is lurking. Have you checked out Peter Parker lately? I think I would rather adhere to Razz and Turkish Pr0n’s readiness theory if the likes of the Superhero came webbing in my house. Good job on fooling him though.
    Now about the image… How on earth?

  2. Now there’s an image to be proud of!

  3. Nat, Steep staircase with three year old in spider man costume nearing the top. Bedroom door is directly opposite the top the stairs. Fliter to make it look a bit cartoon like. Camera? IPHONE.

    RazzBUFFnik, go to sleep,mon, skin to skin, leave your royal robes on the hook. I’m proud of my…. IPHONE!

  4. Lol oh boy don’t know what to be more jealarse of Spiderman or that iphone you keep mentioning! Spooky image, only just got over the fact that Spiderman stole my dog when I was 5… Thanks for the laugh, needed it!

  5. Pat, you are having way too much fun with your phone! The photograph is great and I love the way you processed it!
    May I ask a technical question here? Is this the new generation Iphone? Faster and much less expensive than version 1? If it is, are you satisfied with it – in terms of phone, not in terms of camera (we all know the answer to that one!)?

  6. Hey, nat, I was just reading your Dallas is Paris entry!

    This is the second generation IPhone. I didn’t buy the first because it didn’t have the 3G (faster internet service) and it was too expensive. I knew I would spend a good portion of the time swearing at it and feeling I’d spent too much money just for the “cool” factor. This one I just got on Monday. I am a total apple girl and have been for over twenty years. It synched with Mobile Me (former .mac) right away but they are having real, real problems with that. I am not a texter and some who are complain that the “virtual” keyboard is not for them. AT&T service is very good around here but 3G varies around the country. I’d check to see whether your area is a good one or not.

    Also, comcast is my internet provider and for some reason using it as an smtp outgoing does not work. I can receive my email to but when I try to email back, I have to use my gmail account. This is a pain and they say they are working on it. But, I already knew it as a problem from my ITOUCH ipod. But, there was an article in the NYTimes today by David Pogue saying that some 20,000 mobile me customers have had big email failures.

    That’s about as objective as I can get, Nat.

  7. Sanity, how is your book coming?

  8. I might be writing it from jail if my mind had its way… hopefully this answers your Q – current book is on Africa got to finish that first eish and learning english at the same time is inneresting

    Thanks for all the laughs hun, you saved a life today – don’t know yet if that is a good thing!

  9. Thanks Pat, that was most helpful! I might just have to splurge for one…

  10. What a cute picture. My husband has a “Jesus” phone too and worships it appropriately. I swear it was the best gift I ever gave the man ever! He uses it for everything! He offered to buy me one but honestly I just couldn’t see myself using it enough to justify the money. (aka Im cheap).

    Spidey sure is cute! You are so blessed Pat. Maybe we should have a spiderman sleepover instead!

  11. Don’t joke about Spiderman sleepovers. A friend of mine has a spidey-mad 3 yr old who insists on wearing his spidey gloves to sleep in his spidey bed, having raced around all weekend in a spidey outfit. This shot reminds me of him. I think I’ll forward the link to his Dad now. It’s definitely a Friday moment.

  12. Pat- you keep ramping it up on us.
    I’ll bet you’re going to have the first wristwatch phone/pda/gps/paper shredder/garden mulcher/hair curler combination that apple comes out with in 09.
    Oh, am I the first to know about this???
    Why do you think I’m holding out?

  13. nat, tell if you do, OK?
    Amber, I have not heard that term, “Jesus” phone. It’s true. It’s the closest I come to religion. And, yes, I am blessed. This particular spiderman calls me “Happy”. His voice is akin to a forty year old smoker so when he says, “Hi, Happy” I simply laugh out loud.
    Epicurienne, oh, I so totally get this spidey thing. This costume was the equivalent of the Jesus phone. The six year old had it first, then “allowed” his younger brother to wear it for five minutes before asking for it back. Oh, yeah, I get it. Plus it was 90 degrees out and this suits must have been like a sauna!
    BonnieL: if they make it, I shall buy it. It’s that simple. I called one day to Apple for service on some product and the girl said, “Ok, you win the award.” I said “Does that come with a gift certificate?” She laughed and said no. But, she said, you do have the most apple products registered to a single owner that I’ve ever seen. I had to widen the computer screen!”

    They should give me a gift certificate for god’s sake.

  14. What an excellent photo! I love the light and the watery look of the background. And Spidey’s pose-of-curiosity is precious. Really fabulous. When my nephew was very young, he was in LOVE with Spiderman. I went with him to the Bronx Zoo on Halloween when he was nearly 6. He wore his Spidey costume, and was in heaven. We we rounded a curve in a path near the giraffes, two younger boys caught sight of us. Their faces went big and open with shock and pleasure. They turned and grabbed their mother’s hands, pointing and whisper-shouting: “It’s Spiderman! Look, it’s Spiderman!” I really couldn’t tell if they were excited to see a kid dressed as their favorite superhero, or if they really thought they were seeing said hero come to life and watching the giraffes nibble on the too-tall leaves!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Hey Pat,
    Just try setting your outgoing mail server as the gmail account. It might work.

    -Turkish Prawn

  16. Turkish, right you are! I discovered this yesterday in fact. The problem is although the mail will go, and that is certainly better than me having to switch over to the gmail account to answer, the sent email has the gmail not the patcoakley address and that simply is unacceptable in the real world. Apple needs to fix this. I have a choice of servers on my computer. Whichever one I want to send it out on, I can. Microsoft Exchange allows people to do that and Apple says their phone, their software is now equivalent. Not quite yet, Mr. Jobs. Not quite yet. But, I’m still in love. Thanks. Oh, btw, I so enjoyed that lostliners. com. But, no “Normandie”?? That really surprised me. I wonder why?

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