Who Said?

By: pbcmedia

Jul 28 2008

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Who said?

Who makes the rules?

Are they ever wrong?

Give me an example of your exception to these rules that run our lives.

This is mine. Have you ever seen a cuter butt in all the world?  Ok. Ok. One that has a tail to match?

©Pat Coakley 2008


16 comments on “Who Said?”

  1. Very adorable picture.And I say the rule about eating after 8pm might make you gain weight. I’m struggling to gain weight and no matter and what time I eat I cant manage to . so I discard that ridiculously idea jejeje

  2. What about wearing white after Labor Day? I mean there is a color called Winter White.

  3. I don’t know about the cuter butt, but those do look like the back of my thighs!


  4. Welcome, Gigi, it is ridiculous isn’t it? I have your opposite problem but can appreciate the struggle to go up rather than down based on crackpot theories. Hot dogs and grapefruit diet was equivalent to your not eating after 8 PM. Thanks for visiting.

    Dunn254, exactly! That white thing should only apply to men who wear white shoes…at any time of year! Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    K,Jayne, girl, I don’t know what you do for a living, but your thighs must be pretty dang cute. Up your rates is all I can say regardless of profession. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Beautiful picture of a horses ass… hmmm symbolic here I wonder? Maybe political commentary? One never knows with you and its always a surprise and joy.

    My rulebreaker – I never wait to be introduced by anyone. I have a mouth and feel confident enough to use it. It made me quite unusual living in England for 20 years… What a stupid rule. So what you are just supposed to stand there silently if no one is there to introduce you? No thanks.

  6. Um..Amber girl? Ah…That would be a zebra’s ass, z as in zebra not horse. I did not paint a horse to try and fool you, honest. Love your rulebreaker! Isn’t that the truth! My problem these days is that although I remember my name, I don’t always remember others’ and so I may be power introducing myself several times in the same evening. Yeah, I’m in demand at every social gathering.

  7. Don’t know what I am laughing more for, the comments or the post, both brilliant. I break all rules, I will have chocolate for breakfast and I will make coffee when no one is looking! Jokes, generally all rules are made to be broken just depends who’s looking while you’re breaking them hmm..

  8. […] – The Meme For: Pat & Amber July 28, 2008 In response to recent discussions on Single for a Reason I have decided to be peacemaker to a non fiery situation and show you the middle […]

  9. The Zedonk is for both of you, perhaps a bit of middle ground…

  10. You just don’t stop, do you?

    I never understood the warning that said if you swim too soon after eating, you’ll get cramps, probably drown and for sure, die.
    What were we swimming? The English Channel?! After eating the Viennese Table at Caesar’s Palace!
    For gods’ sake- we had a PBJ on paper thin sheets of white bread and jumped into a 5 foot deep pool in a day camp, with lifeguards and counselors.

    With regard to the zebra and his very attractive posterior and tail combo- I’m reminded of the adage I learned in business, after too many meetings with too many opinions ( most of them dumb ), dished out by too many egos. This person wanted stripes for spring, the other wanted diagonals, someone else wanted more white, someone else wanted more black. and on and on……..

    ” A Zebra is a horse, designed by a committee ”

    Man, woman that is one cute animal, though.

  11. The trick is choosing who to listen to.

  12. I’m with Razz on this one.

    [steering clear of any discussion about asses . . . ]

  13. Now, laddies, is life really all that simple for you? No oppressive fashion rules? Ok, skip that one. I just read on Razz’s blog that he’s not much into aussie fashion. So, Ok, then.. No oppressive “guy” rules, like guys should know how to solve problems not cause them? Ok. Skip that one, too.

    Seriously, no rules you’ve proven wrong?

  14. There’s a stupid rule about colour: blue and green should never be seen (together). Hmmm. The person who came up with that one obviously never looked outside. Sky + grass? a more natural combination I cannot think of.

    Great pic of the zebra. And I have to say that I think that given the right size of stripes for your build, they can indeed be slimming.

  15. Pat, I thought you might enjoy considering I think you were the start of a zebra week! This is brilliant – a South African who is based out in Boston – What a laugh… I’m a Zebra. I’m white. I’m black. I’m scary. I’m bad.

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