Way Forward, The Sequel

It’s the bloggitty sphere. People celebrate their posts. Tysdaddy just had his 100th and he did it up with a beauty of a post. I missed my 100th. I’m new to this. I started in April and this is already my 114th post. Is this like the person in the room who won’t shut up?

I’m prouder, though, of over 900 comments. It is a dialogue and this is what has truly surprised me.

So, here’s what I’ve been doing having nothing to do with number of posts or milestones or even all of you.

I’ve been making 5X7 cards of some of the images in my posts for myself, to send snail mail to friends, family, acquaintances for all the occasions that one needs to send a card but can’t find one in the stores that’s just right. Ever happened to you? Oh, yeah, I know. And, those musical cards? No music or jingles or noises whatsoever should come from a card. This I Believe. I’m going to submit something to that NPR series on this topic.

Disclosure: I’m a stationary girl since day one. Some little girls wanted dolls; I wanted pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips, paper. I loved the smell of school supplies. If only I’d have liked to do actual school work as much as I wanted to buy the supplies. “Ah! If Only?” That’s gonna be my next card! Cousin Mary took me to the Stationary Show at the Javits Center in NYC one year where she buys stuff for her store. I thought I had died and gone to heaven except for my feet which were barking at me after hour three of walking around.

So, regular readers, challenge takers, series makers, commentators supreme, you of the 900+ club: If you’d like me to send you one (my dime), send me your land address through private email (I know, I know…but if you don’t know me by now, there’s nothing I can say to reassure you) and be sure to tell me the one you’d like.

So far, I’ve made seven cards from posts. Here are the ones I’ve made and those I am planning to make in the next few weeks. In some cases the text of the card comes from the post; sometimes, not; sometimes, they are blank inside like I’m still waiting to figure out what to say, sort of like this blog. Anyway, here they are:

  1. I am learning new tricks
  2. I had no idea
  3. Good Morning, Spiderman
  4. Why oh why are all the good ones taken?
  5. A blogger finch
  6. Who said stripes weren’t slimming?
  7. I yield to passing clouds
  8. What’s the friggin point?
  9. Local Knowledge Necessary
  10. Mr. Foo’s Garden Tour
  11. Mr. Spider’s Awesome Adventures
  12. How’s your diet going?
  13. Chanel Cousin
  14. Tanning Spud
  15. 104 Degrees
  16. Small Hands
  17. Chill Out. Take a pill.
  18. Time Has Flewn
  19. Andrea Doria
  20. Recalling, Releasing, Resuming
  21. Walking Away
  22. Attractiveness
  23. Fried Dough
  24. Full Serve
  25. Queen Mary
  26. Childhood Vikings
  27. Fishing for Change
  28. Asphalt Art
  29. Road Rage
  30. Colony Collapse Disorder

Now, I know Razz wants the Dahlia picture with a passion, but I’m not making it. I don’t care how you beg me. However, if any of you whose lives I’ve celebrated in the “Dinner with Friends I’ve Never Met Series” would like that made into a card, I’ll make one for you.

So, there you have it, or not, depending on what you want to do.

Me? This is post, 114. Whoo! Whoo! BIG WHOOP!

What’s next?

Who knows?

I’m driving this ol’ Hudson, people, and as you can see, directionality is somewhat problematic.

©Pat Coakley 2008


10 comments on “Way Forward, The Sequel”

  1. I love shopping for cards. My favorites are the ones with nothing written in them. I prefer to say it myself, Hallmark be damned!
    I love this idea. I’ll be sending my request soon . . .

  2. Short of becoming a glossy coffee table book ( with no limits ) this is a fab idea.
    It also gets us to go back and re-read your earlier posts. You, are, a marketing giant.

    One of my favorites ( and there are so many ) was ” What’s the Friggin’ Point”?

    Watch for my email-

    And look both ways before driving that car. Twice.
    With mirrors.

  3. “Asphalt Art” is so. Very. Cool!

    I fully agree and join the choir: it’s a great idea!!

  4. Ooo there’s a few beauties in there.

    So hard to pick!

    My faves are (in no particular order)

    Good Morning, Spiderman
    Childhood Vikings
    Intersections Named Flood
    Asphalt Art
    Commercial Woes

    Wanna swap some images?

  5. Please please please please please please please would you add Tanning Spud to the list? I love Spud and this photo makes me smile every time. Then, once you’ve perfected the greeting card project, please can we do Spud mugs? I’m
    S-E-R-I-O-U-S. Nothing would make me happier than having Spud on my desk at work. Life’s too serious, doncha think?

  6. Ooo, image swap! Razz, now, there’s an awesome idea!
    Delicious, in fact. I’m thinking right off the top of that recent landscape on your trip back from Canberra and Tallong. Mostly sky, unbelievable stormy sky amidst streaks of light and a narrow horizon of trees. Besotted, I am. So, so very beautiful and as I said might just have caused me to spend serious money to upgrade my camera equipment and hire a sherpa to carry it around for me!
    People, go see these images and read about wombats, feral dogs and wallaybes, all in a day’s drive.

    BL: Artist rocker, I am writing this listening to the Joe Cocker video on your latest fantabulous birthday post. Venus de Milo author of Farewell to Arms? O, Lordie, I am going to laugh about this and give thanks for your humor, obviously the seeds of which go way, way back. Quelle surprise as to how far back. By the looks of that hilarious px from New York, the car wash guys have good eyesight. Blessings to the blessed. People, go read about St. Croix’s finest.

    Epricurienne, “Tanny” Spud is on the list, just not yet back from Apple printers! I think at this stage in spud’s decomposition, that a card or mug might just be the best way to view him. You don’t need a gas mask. People, go read about epi’s encounter with Loser Guy in Paradise. I love her life.

    Nava, thanks! I’m partial myself to asphalt art! An artist from California recently commented on my post, “I had no Idea” that such things are called “Found Art”. He’s a professor of Art and knows about such things. I love that it’s an official thing and I didn’t even know about it! Just send me your address in email.

  7. Pat, dear Pat. How is it possible that you’ve been blogging such a short time?
    Yours is the gold standard of what makes this forum so damn interesting and hilarious and communal.

    Thanks for the link here. It might help make me half as popular as you.
    We all appreciate your generous recognition.

    I can hardly wait for your next entry.

  8. I want to sit in the back seat.

  9. NKG…only you! Only. You.

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