And We Rise

By: pbcmedia

Aug 12 2008

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Category: Humor, Life, Personal, Photography, Random, The Single Life


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 10D

Because. Just because.

Alright, I’ll tell you this much.

Some days we just have to rise above it.

©Pat Coakley 2008


24 comments on “And We Rise”

  1. Looks scary. VERY scary.

  2. That is one powerful photo – and yes, some days it is almost impossible to rise above those black bleak clouds (they seem painted – did you really??).

    Hope you rise enough to reach the blue skies above it all.

  3. What an amazing picture and thought… one of your best Pat IMHO!!!

  4. I have vertigo AND I’m really down to earth. I don’t rise above it. I take pleasure in obliteration though, then I can just take a wee step and get over it. Poof!

  5. What is IMHO? I Me HO? No, that’s not right.

  6. I’m getting queasy watching platform diving in Bejing, up 30 feet, to plunge @ 35 mph into water.
    THIS is some other kind of height.

    Brave souls – we all take turns.

  7. IMHO= In My Humble Opinion.

    Powerful shot and powerful for me, personally today. Kind of sums up what I need to do this week. Thanks Pat.

    -Turkish Prawn

  8. I saw the Chinese divers, BL. The world better look out. They might not like thick ankles and little girls who can sing but don’t look “pretty” enough to put on TV, but they have discipline second to none. I like that “we all take turns”. Mmmm. Got me thinking….

    Turkish, thanks for the IMHO translation. Happy to have helped you on this day. We are in the same spot apparently. I’m making a 5X7 card of this so if you’d like one, send me your address in a private email. The least I can do for a fellow traveler.

  9. that is some photo!

    i have a lot of reading to catch up on with your blog. i wanted to personally thank you for all your inspirational and sometimes butt kicking comments to me. you are….simply fabulous. thank you friend.

  10. Very…Michael Landon

  11. Meander, girl! Nice to see you here. Am smiling while I’m climbing. Do you like my helmet?
    NKG. Is that the program with Della Reese?? There’s no way you ever watched that! No. Way. But, as always, a funny comment.

  12. Ah it can be a climb at times but its doable for sure, some days easier than not depending on the winds of time and weathering of the storm. Beautiful image as always and symbolic as you said.

  13. A really nice strong image. So strong that I don’t think it needs the “effect” on the clouds.

    As a matter of fact, this is the sort of image that it is the bread and butter of photo-stock libraries (excellent for corporate brochures about climbing up in the world etc) and I’m pretty sure you could sell it.

    Once more I step into the breach and test our friendship. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

    One of the things you might want to take into account (if you haven’t already thought of it) is that one of the unspoken things (up until the great post modernist debate “are photographs really documents?” ) about photographs is that they imply that they are documenting what actually happened (even in this age of Photoshop) thus implying the truth. This is one of the reasons why photography is used so heavily in advertising.

    Illustrations or obviously manipulated images are usually only used as diagrams to explain how to do something.

    When you add an effect, it subtracts from the sense of the image being a “document” and it implies that it’s not the truth.

  14. Sanity, these stairs are killing me!

    Ah, Razzamuffin, here is why comments like this would never test our friendship, although I can be testy it is true:
    a. they are thoughtful
    b. they are not dismissive
    c. they point to honest differences
    d. they point out ways I could make money

    I’m going to post the original today so we all can enter into this discussion. I think it’s a great one.

  15. Reading all the comments here and on your previous posts, just confirms to me even more why I so love your blog.
    You attract what you put out.
    There is a dialogue here that is thoughtful, intelligent, humorous, creative, worldly, and in context that’s appropriate to the subject.

    I keep coming back, curious and eager to have my brain fired up, my funny bone tickled and to just experience the embrace of a fertile, graceful and joyful mind.

    Pat- I totally agree with meander above- you are fabulous!

  16. Don’t listen to Razz…he’s clearly just another money-hungry Aussie who would have you peddle your art and soul if the price was high enough. Then again, a successful piece of stock could buy you a new lens or even camera. Maybe the wallaby has a point…

  17. You need a helium balloon, they lift you up and when you take a break you can suck some air and talk like a chipmunk!
    Yeah those stairs are a…

  18. Very nice photo and sentiment.

    note: Is he going up there to control the weather? Does he have an air-gun with him?

  19. BL. Drawer is full am starting second one. Goddess of adjectives.
    Mt. Brooks, Since I just bought a camera I think I’d better listen! And, I will. I’m going to put up the original within the next hour so we can see the real world vs. Pat’s world. Now, this should be interesting.
    Sanity, stay tuned, coming to your local theatre: Alvin and Single for a Reason.
    PR: all weather air guns are currently being used by China at the moment. The ancient art of cloud seeding appears to be one of their specialties along with a growing economy. Major League Baseball in US is totally freaked out by the possibility that someone could deliberately cause a rain storm to stop a game! Seriously, there are articles here about that subject since it was learned that China’s weather experts had launched some sort of weather management program, shooting stuff into the clouds, in order to make sure that it was not raining on the opening ceremonies. The Bird’s Nest stadium does not have a roof and obviously the opening ceremonies would have been in jeopardy if it had rained. And, I guess, it is the rainy season over there now. All things fascinating is what it is.

  20. Pat, I can’t even go there. This sort of picture gives me nightmares. I’m always the one in the nightie who forgot her underwear when there’s a need to escape and go up this sort of ladder. Ouch.

  21. I worked in radio for many years, and was always amazed when I got the chance to watch the lightbulbchangers climb our 600 foot tower. He’d just take a running jump and start climbing. I got sick just watching him . . .

  22. You probably wouldn’t have made a good fireman, either, Tysdaddy! But, a writer?? Oh, yeah. You’ve got the qualifications for that.

  23. Sorry Pat… let me clear that up for you.. no you aren’t a ‘Ho. IMHO = in chat speak In My Humble Opinion….

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