Mushroom Madness

Ah, yoo hoo!!

Yes, you.

Excuse me, but I need to tell you this one weird thing.

So, there I was taking my daily constitutional, just walking along.

Overnight, or so it seemed, mushrooms had grown to the size of bucket hats.

You know the kind.

German soldiers in World War II wore them.

VP Dick Cheney’s hunting partners wear them today.

Who knew?

Hey, it’s just a point and shoot.

Whatever happens, happens.


Mushroom Millinery.

Are Captain and Tennille still alive? Didn’t the captain wear a hat?  Muskrat Love was a hit back in the day. Perhaps, this can be their comeback.

Ok. Resume whatever you were doing.

©Pat Coakley 2008


11 comments on “Mushroom Madness”

  1. If you want to re-affirm that this bucket hat is, well, still around, view this image on another blog- this shirt is for sale.©scottmuskincom/

    The Desert Storm variety on the left, is such a timely hybrid, amazing how evolution seems to raise itself to its’ adaptations.
    Also a slick way to slip in a little politics, a little non photoshop, and so much fun- that at the ” Ah, Yoo Hoo”, I was already crying….

  2. Oh, I am crying now after looking at that link!

  3. you crack me up…muskrat love. i remember that song! great photo…i had no idea they could get that big.

  4. You can’t possibly remember that song, Meander!! You are too young. I remember when Queen Elizabeth II visited the White House and SHE requested a concert by Captain and Tennille! No word of a lie. Just imagine the house where Lincoln slept to the strains of “Muskrat Love”. Oi.

  5. Lovely. Who’d have thunk, just like that, totally unPhotoshopped (of course), mushrooms galore with the Nazi eagle hangin’ out there in the forest.

  6. Hi Pat,

    thanks for the offer of the rain-proof chapeau. Please may I have the one WITHOUT the bullet hole? I think it’d probably leak…
    PS how’s my mate, Spud-a-riffic?

  7. Wait….. did you say Mushroom Millenery ( who, of a certain age or less, even knows this word ?) or…. Mushroom Military??

    I may have mis- saw what I read…
    Yes, it’s me, and I’m back and resuming what I was doing which is reading your blog.

  8. look, look… I have an account but still no picture… becoming a little less voyeristic.

  9. Yes, indeed, I said “millinery”. Proof of my age, that’s for sure!

    The spud cards are supposed to arrive tomorrow, Epicurienne. As soon as they do, one shall wing it’s way to rainy London town.

    Hollybird! Welcome. We won’t bite. Well, not all the time. Nothing neosporin can’t handle.

    Nava, yes, isn’t it amazing the truth of a non-photoshop photo? One day I’ll post one.

  10. Brilliant! I just love that imagination of yours and even better yet that everyone is drawn in and sees it to. Says a lot.

  11. You make an innocent mushroom commentary and next thing you know you are being audited. Good thing you did not add homeland security to your tags.
    I also think that Cheney’s hunting partners need a little more than German helmets for protection: body armor would be more like it. I remember the poor guy he shot apologizing about it… just breaks your heart, doesn’t it?
    Mushroom millinery! Awesome!
    Captain and Tennille are still out there. He is still wearing a hat. She is blogging.

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