Ok. Designer Mushrooms?

I have to stop walking around aimlessly with a camera.

But, wait.

There’s something here. More than goofiness.

I received this Chanel wallet on the left as a gift. I placed it next to my “logo”, Mr. Spud.


I’ve got to rethink my logo, don’t you think?

Not exactly Nike’s check mark or whatever it is.

Not exactly the Olympic Rings.

Not exactly Chanel’s interlocking C’s.

Mr. Spud simply won’t look good on mushrooms.

Mushrooms are just waiting to be branded. Everything else is taken.

Just take a walk. Walk on a sidewalk? Traffic signs and posts are plastered with leaflets. Car bumpers are no longer just for safety. Litter on the street all has a logo of some sort: a cigarette box, a wrapper from a fast food restaurant.

Stroll through the internet? Things are no different.

24/7 things are popping up, blinking, singing, jitter buggin’ by you advertising some damn thing. Some hold you hostage before your video begins.

So, caution to the wind. I’m morhping into an advertising executive. This mushroom space is available for your branding. And, any other photo you see on this blog.



(Remember, I’m a 60’s girl.)

You still need a new logo, genius.

©Pat Coakley


7 comments on “Branding”

  1. ha ha this is great i love it. remember, smile-buttons and peace signs

  2. How’s the new camera working out for you? Is it living up to expectations?

  3. From one 60’s girl to another, you have my vote as marketing giant.
    Since it’s always easier to problem solve for others, genius, I have come up with YOUR logo, should you like the idea.
    The double “C” ?
    For the first inverted “C”, substitute the letter “P” ( for Pat, natch)
    and overlap with the second, correctly aligned “C” which conveniently corresponds with Coakely.
    Doodle it with a pencil, while you’re reading this- it works nicely.

    And then you can immortalize, and personalize everything in your yard, your blog, you can even make a small emblem for Spud, when you nuke him- he’d have a branding like a reverse sunburn.

  4. You are right, Tipota! How could I have forgotten those smile buttons, the mother of my most hated thing: EMOTICONS!

    Razz, What took me so long to do this? It’s not like photography is incidental to my life. It’s like being reborn, does that sound crazy? I’m supposed to go to New York next week and that will be the test: what can I carry without tipping over?

  5. Love those ‘shrooms! Emoticons help convey the true message so often words can be misinterpreted via instant messenger. For some reason we humans relate to faces, having a smily face right after a sarcastic comment from a stranger helps you know that they aren’t attacking but rather playful. Now if they could create classy ones we’re in business.
    Love this logo idea, going to play when I get a break if I may.

  6. BL: now, I just tried what you suggested. I liked it. The only problem is I like my middle initial “B”…so I tried fooling with that. What’s that logo that has AB and then the C is sort of falling off the line? Well, that’s what I did and now it’s all f’d up again!

    Sanity..”If I may..” Amen. Alms are accepted in church of singleforareason. Just don’t be defending “emoticons”!! I relate to a smiley face in an unreasonable way!

  7. […] bloody song aside sometimes kids Get out of the nest sometimes they Get out of the muck with their Branded clothes in need of serious Safety tips for children.  It all begs the question just How much is […]

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