The First “Big Meanie”

The first “Big Meanie” has been awarded!

To (who else?) the CheeseMan at PlanetRoss!!

His response to my recent all out attack on emotiocons made me laugh out loud. Out friggin’ loud. He called me a “big meanie emoticon hater”.

Now, language skills like this simply need to be recognized.

Therefore, I hereby create the “Big Meanie” award to be thrown into the ether of web awards that burden people daily with rules of inheritance. Pass on five, no 10, no 100 worthy contenders.

Not so with the Big Meanie Award.

It is up to each recipient, what he or she wants to do with it AND for what reason.

In other words, PlanetRoss, you can do whatever you want with the first Big Meanie!

It can die with you right here right now or live another day.

Your sportsmanship deserves at least that ubercyberpower.

You totally rock. (Hey, I’m a sixties girl-literally and figuratively)

©2008 Pat Coakley


14 comments on “The First “Big Meanie””

  1. Hey! Where’s the cute little button His Cheesiness is supposed to mount on the sidebar of his blog? And no rules about passing it along? ‘Sup wit’ dat?!

    You make getting an award about as exciting as a speeding ticket . . .

    [insert winking emoticon here]

  2. I got my card, btw. As Bill and Ted would say . . . Excellent!

  3. Gosh Pat. I think you might soon be responsible for setting PR off on some typically unexpected tangent. Can’t wait to see what he does with his Big Meanie.

  4. Tysdaddy, if you’ve got some wisdom on how to do that, email me. As to your other question about “sup wit” dat and no rules? The only thing I hate only slightly less than emoticons is an award that MAKES me do something. No surprise. I don’t do it. (not that I get them) Just like those emails you get, “Please forward to 10 people right now or else this child will die!” Guess what? I don’t do it. So, are we clear? The Big Meanie comes with no rules!!! If it goes no further, it was worth it just for planetross.

    Epicurienne: As I said to tysdaddy: up to PR totally. His response to my emoticon meltdown was flat out hilarious. He can do whatever.

  5. I can respect that, as one who wades through shit emails nightly, mostly from family who may be purposely trying to piss me off. Bastards!

  6. As far as making buttons, mine sucked too. I just copied my header and put some text on it, and then resized it in Paint Shop Pro. I wasn’t very happy with the results . . .

  7. Thank you for the “Big Meanie” award. (I am happy)

    I will attempt to stick this in my sidebar for all the world to see! (or at least regular visitors and assorted random stragglers).
    I may have to time off of work, drink too much, and eat barbecued food in order to come to a decision about the future of this most prestigious award; because I was going to do that anyway this weekend.

    Thanks again ( I feel like Sally Fields)

  8. It should read “take time off of work”. (I am embarrassed)

  9. To everyone here who is still laughing over this romp, and to appropriately honor PRs’ good spirited jousting over all of this, refer back to the comment section on his post saying farewell to emotiocons.
    I’ve sort of ordained him with a replacement.

  10. so this is what blue meanies have come to, sigh, no i take that back, no sigh no cliches allowed in the company of wickedness

  11. Tysdaddy, you’re not telling singleforareason that her award visually “sucks” are you?? Nah, can’t be. It’s boootiful. Give your family the wrong email address. Simple. I’m great at family problem solving.

    Sally, I mean, PR: yes, I had that moment last week when Razz told me he “loved” one of my images. He’s not exactly a “gusher”. I am. Well, most of the time. And, as you have just experienced and as gracefully as Fred Astaire, I can “gush” the other way, too.

    BL: you are da bomb! Your ordination was sublime!

    Tipota: now, I totally love this phrase: “the compay of wickedness”. You are something!

  12. Heck, no! Your badge at least shows some initiative. Mine? Copy, resize, paste. Boring . . .

  13. How brilliant is this! Have been slightly out of it sorry but I have fallen in love with this man he resembles Spud for some reason and has the look of awe!

  14. […] books and he likes to do jigsaw puzzles. We also found out that he is very proud of his “Big Meanie” Award which he was awarded on August 21, 2008. We offer our congratulations to him and are […]

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