Someone New

By: pbcmedia

Aug 22 2008

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Someone new is coming.

On Tuesday, August 26th.

This is her face. But, we don’t know for sure whether it’s a boy or a girl.

This ultra sound picture taken three weeks ago makes me think it’s a girl. (The parents chose not to know)

“Oh, no! Pappy! It’s a boy! We want a brother!”

Three of the four siblings are in the back seat-ages 10, 8, and 5. One is a boy.

I sent this picture to the father, my nephew, and said I thought it looked like Bridget, his oldest girl.

He wrote back:

“It’s a boy.”

So, I’m driving along with someone new’s brothers and sisters in the back seat and they are loudly cheering for a boy.

“But, but…a girl would be nice, too! I like girls, too, right?”

“Hey!” Timmy says with some accent he’s picked up. He’s eight and trying out trick voices.”Whattayabout me, then? Huh? Huh? I’m A boy!”

“Well, jeez. I love boys, too, for heaven’s sake.  I’m just saying…”

But they have their minds made up. Their parents do too.

“I’m just a little worried. What if it is a girl? Is she going to be a big disappointment to her immediate family before she’s an hour old? Most of us take a bit longer to achieve that!”

“How long did it take you, Pappy?” Timmy asks VERY SERIOUSLY from the back seat and I think in a Scottish accent like Shrek.

“Oh…boy….” I sigh.

“That’s right, Pappy! It’s a boy, Pappy!! ” They begin to chant.

I give up.

Someone new is coming and boy or girl I’m going to have to get a van.

©Pat Coakley 2008


13 comments on “Someone New”

  1. Boy, have I looked at a lot of those pictures over the last few years. I always had mixed feelings about ultrasounds. I know that they are important for medical reasons, but it always felt like I was being intrusive. Poor kids. It’s like being the ultimate voyeur.

    Still… We have all the printouts from both of our kids ultrasounds in the photo albums. Not a very good likeness, really. ;-)

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. How exciting! Spidey Number 4! Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl; anyone can be Spidey these days. Fingers and toes crossed for a safe delivery. Looking forward to pictures of your New Spudmobile.

  3. Did we want to know, did we not want to know…?

    Maybe to know it was a healthy baby and not know if the nursery was painted the right color.

    I’d say with you as Pappy, this girl child ( should she be one ) will have a role model strong, wise and funky enough to stand up to the boys.

    Many blessings for the new addition, August 26… birth by appointment…….
    If we could only schedule for the other end, no?

  4. stunning and beautiful in your new van i love it the way it bends time gently profound

  5. How as a parent can you stand not knowing? Arghhhh! It would drive me nuts!

    It is the best way to ensure that the layette does not incorporate any traditional baby blue or pink clothes. For the baby shower, you have to go with chocolate, yellow, green or beige.

    I’m looking forward to see if you were right.

  6. She is looking very cute. My money’s on a girl.

  7. Turkish, I agree it’s never a good likeness! I usually can’t make out heads or tails with these type of photos. The parent is earnestly pointing to the hands, the legs, the head and I’m going..”Ummm. Hmmmm. Very cute!” And, meanwhile, I don’t recognize a thing. This photo, however, I could clearly see a face. A Triumph for Pappy eyes!

    BL: I read your comment on train to Boston. All day long, I thought about the last line!

    Tipota! Went to “Flour” Bakery on Farnsworth Street near Fort Point Channel today before going to museum. Have you ever been there? Sticky Buns…yuum.

    Nathaliewithanh: Calm down! NO “argghhhina” necessary. I think I’d be one opting for not knowing, too. One of nature’s surprises that is good either way. Unlike a hurricane or the plague. Or, locusts or tornadoes. Or ….shall I go on?? All I know is that I’ve got a new “someone new” to make me laugh and give me “attractiveness” tips coming down the lane.

  8. Nava, We’ll see! Mothers tell me they think they know. I have no instinct whatesoever on this one. I was choosing girl because of the photo!

  9. no it must be new is it? it sounds wonderful i’ll have to not go there soon

  10. Funny how we care about the sex of children. In my experience (no children of my own) there are “swings and roundabouts” with both. Little girls are so much sweeter than little boys, who can be hyper-active aggressive little monsters. Then again when they get a bit older, I think there are very few things more irritating and worrying than teenage girls.
    The funny thing is that we need both and that’s something that the up and coming generation of Chinese men are going to feel quite keenly.

  11. Oh wows! This is awesome well I shall be holding out for what ever sample human you wish to gain on this matter. To me samples are samples until they open their mouths and then its cootchie coo’s promptly followed with “Erm I think it has a dirty nappy” handing it right on back.
    This is awesome can’t wait to hear which flavour it is!

  12. We knew what our two middle children were going to be as a result of ultrasounds. There were mild complications so the tests were necessary. But our first and last were complete surprises.

    And you? In a minivan?! Do post that picture, my friend.

  13. wowee! well i would say there is a fifty fifty chance of someone being right! congratulations and we will all be waiting in anticipation to get a peek at him or her.

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