Whoa or No? That is the Question.

It’s my screensaver on my phone. I’ve just ordered it in card form. I asked permission of my friend who took it on a recent trip to Wyoming if I could use it for my cards and my singleforareason empire of products that I’m working on. Yes, more than 5X7 cards. I’m thinking gift wrap! Journals. Calendars. Note pads. Digital products: screensavers, digital postcards. Oh, yeah, I’m going for it. The human stationary store. Any ideas?? It’s one of my goals.

Well, that is, If I really had a goal this would be one of them.

You see, maybe I should say “whoa”.

But, no.

“No” rhymes with “whoa”.

It’s a sign.

Whoa or no? That is the question.

(Does anyone out there approach your goals with as much ambivalence as I do?)

Just asking.

©Pat Coakley 2008


12 comments on “Whoa or No? That is the Question.”

  1. Whoa is also a homonym of woe.

    Why look for trouble?

    I say, go for the best 3 out of 5 goals, and then add more, as needed.

    Maybe I had more push and drive when I was a younger chickadee but now I find I’m enjoying the wider scope of vision that seems to come with living some.

    Like water, I’m seeking my own level.
    And I’ll let you know when I find it. Because then I’m sure I’ll want something else…..

  2. p diddy says “oom ba dah boom, da boom, da doom can’t touch this” lol

  3. with a ten foot pole lol

  4. sorry bout the lol lol lol

  5. My goals? They elude me like the blue jay in the backyard continually escapes my puppy. Also, like the puppy, I’m not sure what I’d do with them if I ever caught up.

  6. Whoa seems so apt for that part of the world for me. I once got turned back at the US border at Sweetgrass Montana, years ago as an undesirable alien because I was carrying Mao’s little red book. Which by the way was an almost impenetratable read.

    As for gaols in life, mine’s been to have a life worth living. So far, so good.

    Good luck with your money making schemes you “capitalist roader!”

  7. Whoa indeed!

    Never been good at setting goals. All those classes in goal setting and BKMs and well scheduled timetables were a total waste on me. I’m more of a flow with the stream kind of gal (and I love Bonnie’s “Like water, I’m seeking my own level”). Maybe I should push the “restart” button, start over again and set some?

    Naaaa, I’ll probably change them as soon as I could.

  8. Its much less interesting than a STOP sign, & seems more authoratative….
    Whoa!!! Don’t you dare keep going without stopping or else!!!
    Just a plain old Stop just does’t seem to cut it anymore, WHOA signs should be an International Traffic Regulations Standard….
    Just sayin’

  9. Why look for trouble? Good point, BL. However, this “whoa” thing just appeals to me on so many levels!!

    Tipota, you hilarious girl. Me? P.Diddy? “Can’t touch this” reminds me that guy years ago, wore pantaloons or something, also had a million people behind him singing and he made a gazillion dollars and then lost it all? I’m sure you remember…ok, now, I do too. M.C. Hammer!!

    Mt. Brooks: yes, I can totally relate to your comment. Totally.

    Razz; Oh, another Razzman classic “on the road” story. Yes, I have bouts of “capitalistic syndrome”. Is that bad? Or, simply, “bad” if it’s all you have on the goal meter? I like your goal, too. Have those aspirations, too.

    Nava: i think we are flowing in the same stream! I always think I have to press the “restart” button and then when I do? You guessed it. Decide to change them. Perhaps, this is a goal? Change. Oh, this is too deep for me this morning.

    Tony, I think you mean’t “It’s much “more” interesting?” I totally agree in that case. A plain ol Stop sign just doesn’t seem to cut it after seeing “Whoa” signs!

  10. I wasn’t trying to suggest it was a bad thing. I was just making a pun on the whole Mao thing.

    After all, one has to make some money to do things like…….. eat……… and……….buy camera equipment.

  11. Oh yeah i did mean “It’s much “more” interesting, dumb ol me I musta had a reverse thinking synapses think happening….

  12. lol…. you are too funny

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