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Aug 27 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Yes. A boy.

A beautiful boy?


A healthy boy?

Check. 9lbs. 3 oz.

A boy with a very pointy hat and a deep dimple in his chiny chin chin?

Check and check.


I’m exhausted.

And all I did was take pictures and cry.

©Pat Coakley 2008

19 comments on “Joy”

  1. Oooooh, I get to be the first one! He’s so beautiful! I guess those kids knew what they were talking about saying ‘he’s a boy’. Lovin’ the hat…

  2. Nine pounds of healthy boy and a crying, photographing pappy sounds like the best reason to skip a day of posting and commenting on comments!

    Joy, congratulations, the optimistic exuberance of new life is unparalleled.

    Well, maybe right up there with buying a bigger van…..
    Bask, Pappy, Bask.

  3. Pat, we’re travelling at the moment but I had to log on to see what you were up to. What? He’s here already? I thought he was another couple of weeks away… Ah relief. Another Spidey delivered safe and sound into the world. Well done, Pappy! Cry all you like. It’s a special time. xx

  4. Congrats on delivery a very nice photo … and congrats on the new edition to the family. (I am happy for you)

  5. How do parents do it, I ask yee? H.O.W???

    I can’t get out of my own way this morning except of course making multi-media birth announcements. For those really, really interested there is an URL with photos at hospital at:

    and oh, yes! a YOUTUBE short, very short video of my first eye and ear lock called, “Big Foot”.

    Yes, a little technology knowledge goes a long way at a time like this!

    Thanks to all for good wishes! All I can say about birthing in a major city hospital?? Getting onto the baby floor is harder than finding Bin Laden. Buzzers, intercoms, banding, stern voices, “Who are you?” “Are you sure you’re the mother’s mother?” Gulp. “Because she just called the mother from Ireland.” Oh. “Well, I’m the father’s mother, then.” Go downstairs, Ma’am, and wait. Damnation, alright! Lying is not my best trick.

  6. That’s an adorable shot AND a BIG boy! I see a lot of newborns and this one is definitely in the big and cute department.
    The photograph with your son and daughter-in-law where the baby’s eyes are open is great too.
    Interesting to hear your voice!!! And his! Hopefully he’ll tone it down a bit.

  7. I see a lot more pictures of Daniel John coming down the pike. And that’s a great thing. Congratulations.

  8. how lovely he is! oh kisses kisses kisses and love love love

  9. “Whew! I’m exhausted”

    Imagine how the poor old mum feels!


  10. Nathalie, that’s my nephew and his wife, not my son. I was lying to the people at the desk AND they knew it!

    Mt. Brooks, Yes, indeed, a great thing. They are separated in age so that when one gets on the school bus and a wider world, there’s another just around 3, at the door, who says, “My turn to go to the “iberry”, Pappy!” And, she/he runs to get their shoes. An unexpected joy in my life for sure.

    Tipota, that is all I could say yesterday…oh. oh. oh. tears. tears. tears. Oooo. Ooooo. Oooooo. All in a voice that I wouldn’t recognize today!

    Razz! Exactly! How do parents do it? I was exhausted from what exactly? Taking pictures? Better that I’m a great aunt and not the Mum, me thinks.

  11. Warning, I just tried to drink my bottle of hand cream and not my coffee cup. Ok warnings out of the way.

    Awwwws… I am not broody but that is one cute babe, think the most exciting part is going to see how his personality evolves! I can just hear it now you driving the kiddies around and this little mite pipes up “Pappi why you laughing so hard”… “Well Danny boy you were meant to be a girl”

    Too cute! Stunning photos, adore the one “three” … that grin is priceless!

  12. “Warning, I just tried to drink my bottle of hand cream”

    I once tried to brush my teeth with Dencorub……..
    I don’t recommend it!

  13. Sanity, just looked up Razz’s “Dencorub”, an australian pain reliever. Let me see…hand creme or pain killer to drink? I’m going with the Dencorub.

  14. Actually “Dencorub” is a liniment for rubbing into sore muscles. My experience with it happened in Canada (I thought it was a toothpaste for my parent’s dentures). Dencorub is greasy and it produces mentholated heat when applied to skin. It really burns in the mouth, tastes very nasty and its greasiness makes it hard to spit out or wash out of your mouth.

    The experience ruined my day.


  15. Congrats! He’s adorable . . .

  16. Another one to add to your brood… congrats. He’s one lucky boy to have you Pat!

  17. […] job when we should be coming up with ways to simplify shoes. If all else fails experience the Joy at Becoming Three and remember even 9 year olds can be banned from playing baseball but beware of […]

  18. Congratulations, Pat! He’s so cute! And a big babe, too. 9lbs, 3oz is no joke.

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