We all do it.

This is a photo of “me” waiting.

What do you look like waiting?

©Pat Coakley 2008


8 comments on “Waiting”

  1. A little like these people I saw at the Ocean City (NJ) boardwalk….


  2. a simple photograph, yet sending a message that waiting is somewhat needs patience, i think..
    ice to see ur blog..


    – Puspa.

  3. Welcome, stphoto! It is a little like your photograph except your scenery is far more beautiful! Speaking of the ocean and New Jersey…someone told me the other day that one has to pay a fee to walk on a New Jersey beach. Were they kidding me?

    Puspa, hello! Thank you for visiting and yes, waiting does need patience and if you have a cellphone with a camera you can amuse yourself while you wait! I just went to your site and wish you well in your American Studies. You said you were studying American media and looking forward to the course, “American Women”… Wow! You couldn’t have more historical topics right at the moment in this country with this political campaign. Let me know how your studies go and good luck! Come and visit again, OK?

  4. Yes you do have to pay to be on the beach during the day. You have to get a one day or week long beach tag.

    I visited Ocean City a couple of times at the end of the day (better light then) so there was no fee and not many people. Also, early in the morning, people can ride bikes on the boardwalks.

  5. Great shot. I wonder how many times in my life I’ve been in the same situation, standing in a line in some public place looking down at the hard wearing commerical carpet thinking about it’s design. Never truely bored and always engaged.

  6. waiting i listen, and look at the details, its so not boring if you can look at details while waiting, they are pretty funny sometimes, and the sounds like a tap on the shoulder from another dimension hey as long as you’re waiting why not?

  7. I’ve learn to make use of waiting time by sketching, or – if I really get lucky – taking shots at people (with my camera, no guns involved!). Passes the time like magic, and people who wait are wonderful subjects.

    Hey – and I now have a face! No more being a blue tile!!

  8. I generally look impatient. I am not good at waiting…

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