Losing My Head. No, Really. Part One

I have officially lost my head.

I am just about to start day three of helping a mother of five children.  I only spend 5 hours a day at the house of five.  So far I have used as much laundry detergent in two days as I use in a year.

Yesterday, on my way home, I stopped at CVS and bought the biggest bottle of Advil they had.

I have two more days to go and I might need to buy another bottle.

I have taken four Advil with my orange juice this morning.  And, I made this choice: to shower or to blog.

I have no time to explain this illustration as I’m already late getting in the car to start day three.   I think, however, this illustration suggests where Part Two of this series is going.

©Pat Coakley 2008


12 comments on “Losing My Head. No, Really. Part One”

  1. How can you do this to us.
    First you make us guffaw out loud, sending eruptions of orange juice in a backwards motion through nostrils it was not intended to traverse.

    Then you make us feel so bad for your headache, your strain, your efforts, your selfless assistance to a family that must be genuflecting with gratitude at your being there.

    And THEN, you leave us hanging for ” Part Two”, which I can only imagine.

    We, and I speak for your followers here, don’t care if you can’t shower. As long as you blog.
    There, I said it.
    Pretty shameless, but, ok, so………

    Counting down the days with you, and really, no other job can measure up to being a parent of multiple children. Hence, single for a reason, I get it.

  2. I like this image for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly it’s not bad from a manipulation point of view and secondly I like the idea of Palin’s disembodied head just laying on a lawn with that phoney smile of hers.

    I have a friend who has five kids and his wife always looks so worn out. I’ve given up on asking how she is every time I see her because her answer is always the same….. “I’m so tired and worn out”.

    Makes me wonder what kind of mother Palin is and how she manages.

  3. PS- I don’t know if I’m more horrified, nauseated or fearful that we are going to get this self pious, glory seeking, holy roller of a candidate.
    I can’t seem to fathom how asleep and catatonic the rest of the nation is.
    Apparently 8 years was NOT enough.

    Mc Cant better have a food taster in his court………

  4. Her car will give you an idea of how up to date she is !

  5. Ooops sorry it must be John McCain visiting.

  6. “Shower”? What is this “shower” you speak of?

    Heck, we only have two and getting cleaned up is difficult. I can’t imagine 5!

    As for the lawn ornament, I think we can guess how awesome a mom she is. If she has time to do all the things that they tout she does, (flying, hunting, running for VP) then you can bet that A: She has a lot of expensive staff who deal with the kids. B: She has practically no hand in rearing the kids, or C: Both.

    The idea of being a hands on parent AND being in politics is laughable. I’m not saying that a lot of men don’t take that route, just that the Right’s championing of her as a mom of 5 smells like poo. As far as I can tell all this means is that she managed to get pregnant 5 times. Others have done better than that!

    -Turkish Prawn

  7. Hmm… I’d rather have a gnome in the garden. I don’t trust her.

    Hold on there – a day and a half to go – and you can go back to the small Advil bottles. And maybe even a shower!

  8. You are a brave soul, 5 cute human children is chaos on toast without the beans! Good luck!!!

  9. You are a brave brave woman. 5 children you say? Oh my. I hope that advil was the one for migraines. It has caffeine in it to help give you a bit of energy.

    I would hug you cept you didn’t shower. And well…. yuck!

  10. EEK!!! a head on a lawn……
    Did you take that photo in Elm St.????

  11. Fantastic photo! I wouldn’t wish being separated from their head on anybody, but I think she is off her nut!

  12. Greetings, all! I am back and contemplating what I had in mind for Part II. I think in the course of the last few days, it has changed. But, we’ll see.

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