12 comments on “9/11/01”

  1. Those images say it all don’t they?

  2. Good choice on leaving this post wordless.

    Much, much more than a thousand words.

  3. In 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated, that date of November 22 was forever etched in my brain.
    The series of 2 more subsequent killings affirmed that we were living in very different times.

    But then, 2001, that September morning, it ramped up in ways we couldn’t even imagine.

    My office was less than 2 miles north of the Twin Towers and the smell in the air even months later was like no combination that could be referenced.
    We sat in my bosses’ office around his 14 inch TV and watched, the 18 of us, in mute shock.
    After about 4 hours, I walked the 2 miles home to my apartment and knew that nothing had prepared us for any part of this.

    And that nothing would be the same. Ever.

    For weeks, months, and slowly drifting into the oblivion of years, the yellow ribbons and ” Have you seen…” posters diminished and the horrid inevitable for family members was all that was left.

    Have we healed ourselves? Is more killing the answer? Will it make some people feel that justice has been served? I can’t answer- I didn’t lose anyone personally.
    I just don’t know how this will ever stop or if it will……..

    9/11, prayers- peace and love. Is there anything else to wish for, really……

    Thank you Pat.

  4. another amazing post Pat… awesome. Shows how “art” can tell a whole story.

  5. I find your lack of words speak more than any book ever published, it is a day I will never forget, a day I doubt anyone will forget.

    There are no words just the mutual feeling

  6. Every 9-11 anniversary we all talk about it. These attacks were unlike anything we could ever have imagined yet the ongoing devastation – of confidence, of racism, of pre-judging people we lived happily alongside in the past – is a different sort of insidious attack in its own right.
    Thank you for this post. The power of the wordlessness is palpable.

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  8. You know…was it me or was there very little media coverage of 9-11? Thank you for this Pat…I have kept some of the newspapers from that day….it is something none of us should ever forget.

  9. Merely Me, I don’t think it was you…there was very little coverage, if any, the evening of the 11th ( I was not watching during the day) and it also surprised me. PBS ran Ken Burn’s “Statue of Liberty” documentary which was as close to the bone as we got. In a way, watching this story on this anniversary was very moving.

    Epicurienne, the front page of this collage that affects me the most was actually from the London Times. The wide shot from New Jersey side of the Hudson. Wordlessness is palpable, isn’t it?

    Sanity, Arynsmom, Nava, I was going to write something but every time I started, the words just blew away. I took that as a sign that the post was done.

    BL: Thanks for sharing your story. I almost asked where every one was when they heard the news in the post and then just decided to let the headlines elicit whatever response people wanted to share. Still admire New Yorkers for their spirit and ability to carry on.

  10. I was lucky this year. I was out skiing and had forgotten what day it was.

    Everytime someone says anything out 9/11 I remember seeing the footage of those poor people jumping out of the windows. It’s something I’d rather not remember.

  11. Razz, about the only thing the media in the US has done that shows restraint is on the footage you mention. None of it has been shown in several years except in documentaries. Even on anniversaries, such as the one just past, you won’t see that horrible image included.

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