Self Portrait of a Single Woman Baby Sitting

You expected something in focus???

You be dreaming.

I can safely make this statement.

(I shall not hesitate, in fact)**

No famous photographer has five children.

Auto focus means nothing, I tell ya’.

N. O. T. H. I. N. G.

••Reference to the bit of news I saw this morning as I prepared to leave for day five of ‘mommies aging helper’.   Part Two of “Losing My Head” is coming after I hesitate.  I’m a big believer in hesitation, in fact.

Hesitation is the precursor of abstinence.

Thus Spake SingleAraRoosthra

©Pat Coakley 2008


3 comments on “Self Portrait of a Single Woman Baby Sitting”

  1. Your five children are only on temporary loan, although it probably doesn’t feel that way today,

    Five children and a country? Jim Henson will posthumously need to create a new puppet character to portray that.

    Would you like to adopt the phrase ” Don’t just do something, sit there ” until you post the next time?

    You are as beloved as Kermie……..

  2. mommies aging helper…lololol…c’mon Pat hang in there, U luuuurrvvvve it don’tcha’? I love those little legs running away from the camera. *sigh* my kid’s will never be that cute again.

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