Mrs. Fletcher’s Politics

Years ago there was an advertisement on TV for a security bracelet alarm for elderly people who lived alone and in fear of falling and not being found for days.  It became a national joke.

Whereever you were– in an office, a classroom, at home, or in a fix of any kind and in need of help, you’d hear someone say, “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

The ad showed an elderly woman, Mrs. Fletcher, on the bathroom floor with her walker on top of her, yelling, “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” into her security alarm bracelet.  The dispatcher reassures her by name that help is on the way.

After this week of Freddie and Fannie take overs, political auditions for the You Can’t Make This Shit Up, The Musical and one political ad that tops the charts in my lifetime of cynical and untrue attack ads–Yes, this same week which began with a blog entry called “Losing My Mind”–the Sarah Palin lawn ornament– my thoughts of a humorous follow-up have given way to a photo I took while running away from a skunk.

Yes, you heard me–a skunk.

This photo now suggests my despairing tone about a national loss of political and economic balance that is no joke.

We all appear to be falling, losing our collective minds in the call and response of this election and this economy, and have become poor ol’ Mrs. Fletcher, falling ass over tea kettle–but with some trying to appear as if they are Balanchine as they crash to the floor.

I’m pressin’ on that bracelet button for help, to be sure, but now have reason to believe that although the dispatcher may hear voices, my voice won’t be one of them.  The sounds heard by the dispatcher, in fact, may be more misguided than even silence itself, or worse, the same voices that tipped us over in the first place.

The only humor I can give you is a link to the original ad and Mrs. Fletcher’s plaintive cry for help.  Here it is:

Life Alert

It’s not as funny as it used to be.

©Pat Coakley 2008


7 comments on “Mrs. Fletcher’s Politics”

  1. A perfect allegory to depict a nation that’s been imbued, not so unlike Jonestown, with Cruel-Aid.
    Here, folks, have a drink with us, we know what’s best for you.
    And they drink.

    The Manchurians’ have found their candidate and I’m praying that someone hides the deck of cards-

  2. It’s not much comfort, I know, but it’s happening everywhere. Just had to make 16 people redundant last week. It’s heartbreaking when the people cry. I came home and cried myself on Friday night. All because of something the politicians call a Credit Crunch. Sounds more like a chocolate bar and less like the horrible, dark hole we find ourselves in. Long way to recovery, the experts say, and don’t we feel it?

  3. Thanks for steering me over here, Pat. I’m ‘talking’ again, but I’m still speechless all the same. I can’t understand how anyone is supporting Palin/McCain. I listen to her and I cringe in fear. Here in my town I’m mostly surrounded by ‘the angry left’ as we’ve been named, so I could lull myself into believing that no one thinks this woman is a good choice, no one is excited to see her creepy-as-all-get-out smile all over the place. But I know that’s not true, know that there are plenty of people who really are in love with her, really think this Veep pick is all that an a bag of chips. I don’t what to make of that. Or what to do about it.

  4. Hey Pat…I have an award for you over at my blogger blog. Stop on by to see!

  5. BL: Now, there is the perfect analogy…Manchurian Candidate.
    Epicurienne: I am starting to realize that this really is all over the world. I saw a man interviewed on Charile Rose last week that had me reaching for the smelling salts. Ugh.
    Girlgriot…”all that and a bag of chips”…may I laugh? You are observing the same phenomenon that I’m observing and wondering the same questions.
    Thank you, Merely Me! I am grateful for the thought and will go over to your site, however, I don’t do the award thing cuz then I have to work…pick 7 people and that drives me crazy and my ledge is not that long to begin with! But, thanks!

  6. What a coincidence, my wife and I have been skiing over the last three days and “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” was the running joke all weekend.

    As for the cynical Mc Cain and Pallin match up, you might be interested to know that my friends and I (here in far away Australia) just shake our heads in disbelief how the conservatives manipulate the religious. Most religious people want to do the right thing but because they follow dogma they can be easily painted into corners.

    “so you respect life, don’t you?”
    “so you’re anti-abortion, aren’t you?”
    “so you will vote for someone who’s anti-abortion, no matter what else they stand for won’t you?”
    “well…… um……. yes.”

    On a side note.

    Q. What is black and brown and looks good around a politician’s neck?
    A. A Rottweiler.

  7. Razz, that is a coincidence!! I haven’t thought of Mrs. Fletcher in years!!
    And, I am interested to know how people outside the US view this whole pathology on parade. I’m doing a 5X7 card of my palin lawn ornament px and when you open it up, it says, “I can see Russia from my lawn!”
    Seriously, you cannot make this up.

    Skiing for three days! Good for you. I’d have to have an ambulance follow me on the slopes.

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