Delete Focus

By: pbcmedia

Sep 18 2008

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This image was sandwiched between a series I was shooting on morning glories (the flower).  I didn’t see this through the viewfinder, but I did press the button.  I was in macro mode with my lens and the world is always unexpected when you are so close to an object.

I was going to delete it because it was in no way a recognizable morning glory.

Then, after the past few days of the world being a little too much in focus and recognizable, I decided to look at it again.  If for no other reason than beneath what I thought was a morning glory is a whole other mysterious world that hints at intelligence and whimsy and, most importantly, NOT panic.

I’m going to stay in this world for awhile and delete the photographs in focus.


Yes, Cap’n Butler, I’m here. Do you like my pretty green dress made of curtains?

©Pat Coakley 2008


12 comments on “Delete Focus”

  1. As a collective, you’re brilliant to point out that we can see clear blue skies, one of us at a time.

    Let’s get scientific for a second ( to the extent that I can…)
    Even if the sky is falling, we exist in infinity, so there will be another sky behind that one to replace it.

    And it will be blue, with feathery swath of clouds.
    Not a morning glory- a glorious morning!

  2. Ah,Miss Bonnie, you are feeling better, with scientific talk of glorious mornings… I was worried after I read your last post!

  3. I like the philosophy.

    Please don’t hate me … but … when I saw this image I first thought of pregnancy test and feminine product boxes.

    But a second look reminded me of Lawrence of Arabia feeling depressed looking out at a desert.

  4. Hate you? It would take more than that, PR. In fact, I just spent a few moments looking at it as a pregnancy test and feminine product boxes…but, you know what?? It’s been a long time since I needed them so I forget. But, L of A? Now, we’re talkin’.

  5. I felt I was looking through water.

  6. The beginnings of abstract art

  7. Gives ” I’ve got the blues ” a whole new meaning .

  8. S.Le: You know, now that you commented, water is ALL I see! The power of suggestion.

    L: I wonder if it began just like this, the firt abstract artist was going for X and saw Y and said, “hmmm…” I’m going with Y.”

    Nkgee: Aww…now, I hear Nina Simone which is never a bad thing!

  9. a lovely blue paintingphotograph

  10. Mmm….I love it…beautiful blue clarity. Who needs focus?

  11. Love this one, its always the ones we are about to chuck that are the keepers – perhaps box framed in the same room as that other one of yours?

  12. […] When I think about why I enjoy blogging, this image will come to mind.  The background is an image (not the text) I posted yesterday in a post, titled, “Delete Focus”. […]

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