Lessanx: Cure for Global Financial & Personal Turmoil

Oh, my.

When I think about why I enjoy blogging, this image will come to mind.  The background is an image (not the text) I posted yesterday in a post, titled, “Delete Focus”.

Amidst a week of financial world turmoil unprecedented in my long lifetime, I decided to focus on morning glories.  Yeah, deep.  And, worse, I decided to use a photo that was totally out of focus and abstract.

Planetross in Japan thought the image looked like a pregnancy test or a box of feminine products (see comment at end of Delete Focus post)

Razzbuffnik in Australia, fresh from approving of my late brother’s dating advice to me in another post, called “I THINK YOU SHOULD.  THE SERIES .  The advice basically told me that I should drink more alcohol!

Anyhooo, fresh from this, he started thinking about Planetross’s comment about my blue abstract image and decided to add text to the image and send it to me.

Voila!  We have Lessanax! For When Life is Too Real

Seriously, people.

Shouldn’t some pharmeceutical company create such a pill?  In liquid form for Razz and as a Cheez-It for me?

In what form would you like your Lessanx?

Thank you, Razzman!

©Pat Coakley 2008


4 comments on “Lessanx: Cure for Global Financial & Personal Turmoil”

  1. Disclaimer: Do not mix alcohol with Lessanax as it may impair irrational thinking.
    Pat- I’d like mine in the form of Intra-Venus de Milo.

    I think you two ought to register the name before Glaxco or Bristol does.

  2. As long as I have to roll it and smoke I will be happy, the fact that it will be legal is troubling.

  3. BL, judging by that NY photo of you in your “ta-da” moment outside the sixties store, you’ve already got that venus de milo thing down. But, the name! It is fabulous and it is all Razzman’s doing so he can trademark it!

    Oh, you are hilarious, nkgee: the fact that it will be legal will cause anxiety?? And, I thought my source of anxiety was mysterious!

  4. I think “Lessany” is a suppository, but a lot of people question its effectiveness.

    I’ll take my “Lessanx” as chewable tablets in the shape of scrabble tiles.

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