Still Breathing, The Series

By: pbcmedia

Sep 30 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

We have a choice.

Allow gravity to get the better of us or jump high enough to orbit around it.

I choose the latter.

What about you?

My vehicle to gravity free living?


I am going to devote part of the day to working on my version of “Failure, The World Tour”.  I wish I had Epicurienne’s knowledge of food so I could pull out a fancy name for turning lemons into some heavenly poofy tasty dessert.

But, you get the drift, don’t you?  And, more importantly, do you want to join me?

Yes, a series.  A most important one.

How do you turn yourself away from doom and gloom?  What do you do to get above it all?  To get perspective?  To see the big picture?  To discover that you are not entirely of this material world?

Words or Images, please.

For example, If I didn’t already have this photo, I would have taken a photo of a piece of glass after I had expelled one or two breaths on it.  The transient fog/smoke on the glass I would have titled, “Still Breathing”.

Hence, the name of this series, “Still Breathing”.

All together now.

Breathe in through your nose.  Hold.

Slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Repeat until you agree to do something for this series, OK?

©Pat Coakley 2008


17 comments on “Still Breathing, The Series”

  1. i look into my daughter’s eyes. since her first birthday.. i take a photo of her daily.

  2. Your thoughts triggered in me memories of Laurie Andersons “Walking & Falling”

    “You’re walking.
    And you don’t always realize it, but you’re always falling.
    With each step you fall forward slightly.
    And then catch yourself from falling.
    Over and over, you’re falling.
    And then catching yourself from falling.
    And this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time.”

    As for dealing with doom and gloom, I console myself by counting my blessings.

    I’m married to a wonderful woman.
    I live in a rich, free and democratic country that has peace within it’s borders.
    My health is fine (at the moment).
    I have plenty to eat and I want for nothing.

    To be honest, I don’t think I have the right to be bummed out when there are so many other people who live in such deep, deep shit, day after day.

    Every time I see a Sudanese refugee (there are several families living in my area) in the street, I thank my lucky stars that I haven’t been through what they have.

  3. JWaire, welcome AND I love what you do every day (take a picture of your daughter) to keep yourself in balance. Your photography shows this reverence for the little ones!

    Razz: THANK GOD YOUR ARE BACK!! No, I mean it. Not a moment too soon, my friend. So absolutely LOVE this Laurie Anderson’s “Walking and Falling”. As you can see nothing has changed since your temporary absence: I’m still a gusher. But, but…your reality checks are always welcome to the jittery class here in Massachusetts. And, I see there is a new entry on your blog, too. Yea!

  4. A very interesting series at that, I will have to have a think on this for it is a topic as you know close to my heart and very “real” in the now that I sit. Hmm yers we’ll have a think!

  5. SF: yers, have a think cuz I know it shall be good whatever you decide.

  6. I cook. A good meal fixes much heartache, and the fact we have food to eat is not to be overlooked.
    As for knowing fancy names for turning lemons into poofy desserts? Well, that might be slightly exaggerating, but now you’ve made me want to find some fancy names for doing just that. And that’s a challenge in its own right.
    PS where’s Spud? He’d bring a smile to our faces right now!

  7. I too cook. I am learning that I write too. I watch the world and try to learn from what I observe. But what really really sets my soul free? Is when I sing. There is nothing that releases my soul faster. Great and beautiful post Pat.

    Im still trying to find my “creative side”. My analytical side wins out far too much. Still waiting for my new camera… grumble grumble.

  8. Wow, Pat – I titled my post “Still Here”, and now I come here and see your “Still Breathing” post. We must be telepathically related.

    My escape is painting. Not very original, I know, as art therapy has been around for a while. but it really does work. The hardest thing is to actually drag myself to the studio and do the first step (took me several months!), but once that happens, it really help to detach from the evils and stupidity of the world, at least for a while.

  9. Thanks for this post Pat. I wanted to wait for a few moments to think about what you asked here before responding immediately.
    I’m inclined to agree with Razzs’ assessment of perspective. The things we DO have.

    Also, I distrust the panic aspect of headlines as I think it’s been for too long the way the masses have been kept at bay.

    I keep it small and focused. I live on an island. We help in our community. We support and shop from our local farmers and know them by name.
    We eat almost every meal at home and we, too, cook as a way of keeping life simple.
    It helps to surround yourself with people who are not gloomy.
    Fortunately my husband has the sunniest disposition and always finds something to laugh about even if it’s dark in nature.
    And sleeping with dogs and kitties in the bed. For me- as good as it gets.
    Oh, and painting. That’s all mine. No FED gonna take that from ME!!!!

  10. Epicurienne, Cooking for me is riskier than the stock market! I’m going to go check on spud tonight!
    Amber: Now, that’s so interesting! Singing. What kind of songs?
    Nava: “Not very original, I know”…But, this is exactly the larger point. It is within us, this creative spark, that can endure all sorts of traumas and wrecks and show us the way. Now, this is a religion I could believe in.
    BL: Having a partner with a sunny disposition has to count for good investment in a down market indeed! I think this is one of the issues of singledom, in that your thoughts can become your prison unless you make sure to open the door to others! And, of course…I love painting that no FED is gonna take from you! Yes, the feeling of control that has so jumped out at me this week. It can come from within! End of sermon.

  11. Pat, this always shocks everyone… but I actually have an extremely soulful voice and sound “black” when I sing. I love to sing Gospel, only because I find it the most interesting and challenging musically. I also love to sing anything with meaning.

    For many years I was on my way to being a professional singer. Those who truly know me, and have heard me sing wonder why I didn’t do it. It wasn’t because I couldn’t, but more that I was too practical and didn’t have the temperament for the road, the uncertainty in life. I lived it kinda hard and uncertain growing up so security was a big deal for me.

    Anyway, it is the way I release my soul when the world gets too much. I keep threatening to cut a CD at some point… we’ll see.

  12. pharmacology can be useful .

  13. nkgee, I think you should try singing like Amber. It couldn’t be as bad as Cloris Leachman dancing. Yes, I looked briefly last night. It looked like her partner had robbed a crypt and was dancing with a mummy.

  14. Yes absolutely…I am still breathing and grateful. I do turn to my writing during these times and also to music. You have reminded me of a song called Breathe (2 AM)…which I would sing the lyrics to…over and over as sort of a mantra. The repeated refrain which gave me much solace was this”

    ‘Cause you can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable
    And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
    No one can find the rewind button, girl.
    So cradle your head in your hands
    And breathe… just breathe,
    Oh breathe, just breathe

    We can’t turn back time…we gotta just keep on keeping on the best way we know how.

    Great post and wonderful idea. Thank you for posting this.

  15. Merely Me – I sing that song alot…. reminds me of both myself and two loved ones in my life. Interesting… Breathe..

  16. You and I keep on doing what we love to do, and I try not to think about too much else. I simply cannot get perspective on how really serious this is.
    When I breathe it is either unconscious or it is my daily exercise. Now, thinking about “gravity free” while breathing? Aha! I like that!

  17. […] wonder if your Contract is still good, you wonder where Grace has gone while checking if you are Still Breathing.  Bringing hope back is a continual process.  Personally I feel that all Dead Beat Dads need to […]

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