When You Scare Children

By: pbcmedia

Oct 05 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

All I’m saying is this: she’s looking at me, isn’t she?

I did not manage to reach any of my goals for yesterday.

Number #1: Not to looked rumpled.


Number# 2: Not to be an ol’ coot.

Today is a new day.

©Pat Coakley 2008


5 comments on “When You Scare Children”

  1. Funny – that because you used the term ” old coot “, WordPress thought that an automatically generated related post, would lead us to McCain showing off his acting skills.

    Perhaps other than the color of hair, I don’t see where anything is related.
    Wordpress……..you need some finessin’!

  2. “Oh Paaaaaapy WHAT are YOU eating!!!” or perhaps what is in your hair … no no it’s a BEE! Those kids are so expressive, must be incredible watching them grow up and seeing their personalities form, amazing.

  3. Pat,

    1) Living in a windy place like Boston, how can one not help occasionally looking rumpled. Unless you plaster it all in place with a can of Clairol.

    2) The kid was posing. See that glint behind the eye? That child is thinking, “I’m too sexy for this lame ass sweater!” You’re just another paparazzi that kid gets to stare at like a million times a day.

    Goals? Unless they were monumental ones like achieving world peace, I’m sure you came closer than you think . . .

  4. to me, it looks like she’s looking up at an overly noisy airplane that goes by, covering her ears fro the noise. All I’m sayin’ – maybe you did not like a rumpled coot after all

  5. stop scaring the kid !!!

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