Morning Wire

By: pbcmedia

Oct 06 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

When I think of my small town, I don’t think “sky”.  It is a good example of me not seeing something right smack in front or, in this case, above me.  Has this sky been here all the years I’ve lived here?  And, I’ve not once photographed it?

Yes and No.  Not once.

Since Chicken Little is residing within my synapses these days and this week does not appear to be promising his quick eviction, I’ve developed a new anxiety management program.

I go each morning rain or shine, since last Thursday, in search of views to focus me on what is present rather than on what is absent.  There will be more on the latter mid week but, for now, this photo introduces a new series that shall be on-going and I’d love any of you to join me, particularly those souls who find their anti-anxiety meds are no longer working.  This helps, I’m not kidding.

See those birds congregating on the wire near the bottom of the photograph?

That’s what I feel we would be doing.  Arriving from our perspective perches and doing a morning “huddle” to figure out the strategy for the day.

Each day, I am going in search of a what is around me and has been around me despite my total obliviousness.  I don’t need a train ticket.  I don’t need frequent flyer miles.  I just need to open my eyes.

I am going to photograph that which has been right here all the time but I’ve simply not been paying attention. (The parallels to this current fiscal crisis is not unrelated but I’m tired of talking about that)

I am not expecting a masterpiece from myself or you, just a moment when we think a new thought, see a new angle, see the leaden sky or the ground we walk on, somedays walking very dully along I might add, in a new way.

Game on?  Write it.  Paint it.  Photograph it.  Podcast it.  Do whatever you do. Let me know.

One thing.

Um.  Er.

I want the piece of wire next to the pole so I can hold on.

I afraid of heights.


The actor, Bill Bob Thornton, is afraid of antique furniture.  I think I actually heard him say it in an interview.

At least, I’m not afraid of that.


©Pat Coakley 2008


11 comments on “Morning Wire”

  1. You can have that piece of wire ( just as I need the window seat).
    You need something to hold on to, and I need access to air- the way I need it. When I need it.

    If your anxiety has done only one thing- forcing you to see what’s around you every day, well, maybe that’s something good to extract out of this mire.

    That wire evokes in me the balancing act I, or maybe we, need to do, of input, talking points, snippets, ads approved by the people who approved them, and the primordial other stuff that we do forget to notice.
    Birds feathering their nest.
    Releasing a moth trapped in a single thread of a web.
    A new shoot on a transplanted branch.
    The eyes of that little girl in your earlier post.

    I only suggest we try. I wish I knew if we will succeed.
    PS- I’d be more afraid of someone who was afraid of antique furniture.
    PPS- Although excessive winking is catching up fast.
    PPS- The collective morning huddle- so much better than the Early Show. I’m with you.

  2. Oh, goodie. You know what’s nice? I knew you’d say “I’m with you” whether you participated or not. And, how I love the rest of your comment. The balancing act, the primordial other stuff, birds feathering, moths releasing, new shoots, little girl’s eyes, suggesting we try. “Try” we can do as artists, and in this “trying” endeavor, we are in touch with creation and recreation, whether the result is breathtaking or not. I know we’ll succeed in this process of trying absolutely. The rest of the world’s “trying”….well, that’s where that excessive winking or is it now simply a tic disorder is catching up!

    That made me laugh out loud, the excessive winking PPS thing, by the way.

  3. Being without a computer for a time, and having a weekend off for once, stuffed with empty hours waiting to be lived, I pulled some movies off the shelf I haven’t seen in ages. One is Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. It’s been right there, for years, waiting to be watched again. But other movies come and go and overshadow it. Last night, it got a spin, and I still shed a few tears. It’s an excellent and always-timely reminder to love one another, regardless of what we’ve done or had done to us. Also got together with an old friend last night for dinner. Hadn’t seen him since he got married earlier this past spring. It was a good time over great food and conversation.

    Hope all that counts . . .

    Now I’ve got to get off my wife’s computer. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi.


  4. lol… she looks more like… Oh No Pappy, you can’t possibly wear those shoes with that outfit. Where are the fashion police when you need them! And in a public place???? Gasp!

  5. I -love- this picture.

  6. Tysdaddy, I get the shakes just thinking about being without my computer. THAT would indeed put me over the edge! Nice to hear from you! Next time you have guest bloggers you should ask single people!! They’d give all you married people with families a different perspective, I can tell you that!!

    Amber, girl. I think your comment is for the yesterday’s blog!! However, I think you are spot on. Remember, I’m the great aunt that the five year old said to me this summer, “Um…Pappy? I think I could give you a few attractiveness tips.” Oi. And, the truth is, she could.

    L- where you been lurker you! I think you should join me in this series. I’d love it if you would. Think about it, OK? Thanks for coming out from the shadows to say, hey! I’ll do the same this evening.

  7. Your sky is gloomy but it looks like feathers. I have been in an airplane when above such clouds we flew getting ready to land. I remember not wanting to land, after the pilot told us we were to land under thick and threatening clouds. We wanted to stay above it all and revel in the unobstructed view of the sunshine reflecting off the pure white tops of the storm clouds. Where DO birds of a feather flock when confronted by the upside down of the coming storm?

  8. “Where DO birds of a feather flock when confronted by the upside down of the coming storm?” Why, right here, Sweetiegirlz, right here at singleforareason there’s an open invitation to “flock”.

  9. Pat,

    I still have a couple days to wait for my computer. The Geeks tell me they will probably replace it, so I’m just waiting for the word. So, there is room for one more guest post.

    Why don’t you whip something up, offering your unique perspective, and send it along. I’d love to offer an alternative view . . .

    You have my email . . .


  10. “afraid of heights”

    Learn to climb and you’ll get over it.

    Glad to see you’re looking up.

  11. I love the photo symbolic to the extreme – all those birds look like they are hanging on just like us! I shall see what I can snap off for this one, so much!

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