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Oct 16 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Because I just simply can’t take one more you betcha.

Ruby of yesterday looked so sweet (if a bit hungover) with her red lipstick.  If a faux cow, why not a faux moose.

I was driving by Bugaboo Creek restaurant early this morning and it all just came to me before I had even turned the car around to go back.

It’s either this or civil disobedience.

©Pat Coakley


16 comments on “LIPSTICK ON A MOOSE”

  1. Oh wows this is just brilliantos! Dang now can’t stop laughing out loud, thanks for the laugh phew…

  2. So good, so rude, soooo right! :-)

  3. I think the image could be improved with by superimposing a bullseye over the image. Seems fair to me considering she supports moose hunting.

  4. Rofl… gawd you are funny! That has made my whole day! I bet there will be a market for those if she gets into office.

  5. Those lips – those eyes… if I could see more of her legs I’d vote for her for Supreme Dictator For Life. The hair is nice too, but not as nice as Ruby’s fur. You betcha!

  6. Sanity, I’m thinking of putting a little dab of red lipstick on her teeth as well.
    Thanks, Delaney. Some people love her. I simply don’t get it.
    Razz: I think you are right, it could be improved with a bullseye, absolutely fair given her positions. But, there’s a problem with the crazy political climate here at the moment. I actually thought about using in the text of the blog, something about where is Dick Cheney when we need him—but the climate at her rallies as well as McCain’s has gotten so nasty..when Obama’s name is mentioned, some have called out “terrorist” or even “Kill Him!” and I do not want to contribute to that sort of thing by using a bullseye. It might be misinterpreted beyond her approval of moosehunting, if you know what I mean.
    Amber, I am making this into a card. I’ve had a friend call today and say he thinks I should sell it as a Christmas card! “Merry Christmas, you betcha!” It’s crazy here. but hopefully not that crazy that she’ll get into office.
    Oh, twobuyfour, you sound like some folks I know and love and are very, very bright guys who when I ask their opinion of her, say directly to me, “Well, Pat, she’s got a nice body.”

    Whaaat? I don’t know what is worse. They think that she is VP material based on body or that they wouldn’t bother to try and cover up their answer, feeling I’d go,” Oh, right. That’s a qualification, alright. Come to think of it, Heidi Klum, for President cuz she’s got a better body. Oi. I’m not kidding. 19 days and counting.

  7. Just for the record, I was referring to the moose, not Mrs. Palin.

  8. Thank God, twobuyfour! Oh, now, I can really enjoy your comment!! Thanks for clarifying!

  9. Pat, you should SOOOOO make this into a Christmas card. Its too damn funny!!!! We’ll need something to cheer us up after they win the election. *sigh*

  10. what a great characature of Tina Fey!

  11. Good one, Russ!! I should have thought of that myself. But, I didn’t!

  12. She never looked better!
    This so perfectly sums up my attitude.

    Just a quick note here- I’m away, the power is still out on St Croix in our part of the isalnd from all the downed trees and power poles. I may not have any contact by the time I get home on thursday.
    As hurricanes go it could have been worse but a category 3 is very humbling.
    But I had to check in here to see what I’ve been missing.

  13. Good Grief! Had no idea St. Croix had a cat 3 storm! I guess they didn’t have that on the business channels I’ve been watching!! Hope that power is on by Thursday. Woud a generator be able to power the internet??

  14. She’s never looked better. In fact, it’s an improvement.

  15. S.Le and Conni, I made a Christmas card, check it out:
    Hopefully, she’ll be back in Alaska for the holidays and the rest of her life

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