Meter Reader

How do you know when an house is empty?

The meters do not even have dials.

No power.  No gas.  There is a lone wire going from the telephone pole to the house. My guess is it’s not the Verizon Freedom Essentials Package.

Three families used to live here.  Now, or for the past two years, it is being renovated in fits and starts.  Mostly, fits.

Tyvek strips hang from one side of the house shredded by the wind like a flag in battle.

Yesterday, I saw a truck with one man walking around.

I am hoping this means they are going to start again.

©Pat Coakley 2008



6 comments on “Meter Reader”

  1. There is nothing sadder than an empty house.

  2. Its always interesting the way you see the world and observe it this way. i know that our house sat unoccupied for 2 years and the neighbors were really worried about it. Mind you, it doesn’t look like that… but…

    Interesting… how a house can tell so many stories.

  3. There seem to be many empty houses near you. That is sad.

  4. yes we have a cottage in the back that has similar empty dusty worn needs to be repaired, it is such a quiet place and natures vines and creatures have taken it over, it too as a long history of people and families who once lived there. very poignant strangely lovely

  5. I agree, Planetross. That’s why I hope the truck means work shall resume.

    Amber, this is a big, corner lot, old three decker. I am sure it has stories to tell.

    Conni, this is the same house from the “absence” submission. I used the windows as the backdrop for the headlines. There are a lot of “For Sale ” signs I’ve noticed but not too many empty houses. Yet.

    Tipota: Yes, natures vines and creatures do take over. I agree, poignant, strange but lovely!

  6. An empty house which has been vandalized for the bits in the meters! “tis sad indeed.

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