The weekly photo challenge for SPACC was “Beginnings” but, frankly, it’s as much about endings as it is beginnings.

What started out about an image, ended with reality.

I began simply focused on the theme, honest.  In fact, I had added a challenge onto the challenge:   Deliberately pick something conventional with respect to this theme and then make it in a ‘new beginnings’ sorta way.

To my mind, when I heard the theme, I instantly thought three things: babies, who have beginnings of everything just about on a daily basis;  beginnings of a new day so sky images came instantly to mind, and those beginnings that also come packaged in to endings of any type (one door closes another opens sort of thing)…are three that came  instantly to my mind.

In other words, I wanted to pick something deliberately corny.  So, I choose number three.

And, so why is a sky photo posted here?

Because I picked up my car yesterday, that’s why.


In order to go to the cashier I had to walk through the car dealer’s showroom.  The look on the faces of the salesmen when I first walked in, I shall never forget.  It was like a piece of red meat had just been thrown into a pack of wild dogs.

I have read that the car industry was suffering in this financial crisis but if you want to see what suffering means, walk through a showroom–any showroom–I don’t care what car showroom it is.  I suspect the look shall be the same.

All I can say is this: when a 63 year old white haired muffin top hair-do can incite middle-aged men to salivate, one world is ending and another beginning.

And, this is why I chose this sky shot.

First, I rotated my shot so it would look like the sky was wounded, perhaps even an old wound,  a scar running down the middle.   It is not morning sky, it is late afternoon in October in New England sky.  The sun is going down, the day is ending, but night is beginning.

Evening tide. Night song. Poets’ words.  Recession.  Lay offs.  Economists’ words.

I saw wounded men yesterday underneath this sky.

©Pat Coakley 2008

9 comments on “Beginnings”

  1. Maybe it’s time those guys thought about a new profession.

    I used to be in sales and I saw that it was not only unsatisfying but it was also vulnerable to the vagries of market forces. So I went back to school and totally changed my life.

    It’s not easy, but it IS doable.

  2. I can liken the profession of selling cars with the ladies on the floor of Bloomingdales selling cosmetics and perfume on commission.
    Nevermind that being sprayed against your will, with some ” new ” designer perfume named for a 16 year old tennis star, will cause you anaphylactic shock, you’re still a target.
    Car salesmen have always had that look of the wolf about them even in flush times.
    But I did grasp the image you portrayed of your cute muffin top being descended upon like red meat.

    What you’re doing for yourself is a good thing. Getting your car back and then trying to go about the rest, one day at a time.
    Really, what the hell else IS there!

    Keep spinning that sky on its’ unexpected axis with your photos and words.

  3. Seriously. Just when I think you can’t get any higher on my scale of likeability you say something like “white haired muffin top hair-do”. Move in with me.
    This photo is great. I love the way the light is fighting to stay alive on the tips of the oncoming night clouds. And rotating it to resemble a scar…deep, pat.

  4. Razz, my favorite aussie reality show, you are totally right, of course. Taking control where one can is what is called for but that deer in the headlights look that precedes better choices is still haunting.

    BL, Yes, let’s just call them our ladies of scent, shall we? And, laugh out loud, the newer “designers” are not quite in the Chanel league either! Hilarious, you.

    Russ, Oh, you are funny! Just think–We already have the same duvet cover!

    People, go see Russ’s contribution to the “Phobia” theme. Singleforareason® (Yes, it’s official, I am now officially trademarked! Let the empire begin….um…cough, cough) has the exact same duvet cover.

  5. what a wonderful recounting visually and wordly of an excursion into ‘hey wake up we’re alive’ – i love the vertical take on the horizon, catches me off guard, makes me look longer and wonder and feels good too somewhere in the solar plexis/brain pathway, speaking of reality shows, ‘single for a reason’ works so well itsa good thing you tm’d it, it has a ring that makes me imagine it as an ongoing reality program, which would be required viewing for everyone in art school, and available on cable on demand. hollywood look out art is coming to town, a cup of tea and a muffin, too. just wonderfully smiley and frankly fun and fabulous.

  6. Pat, that sky is a living metaphor: the dark part is the doom we all feel but the blue part is the hope that keeps us going. Good one, Ms Coakley. I like it a lot. As for sales, I’m with Razz on this one. I started my career in sales, but after a number of years the ever-increasing targets and management manoevres get you down. At least, if you’re people like Razz and me, they do. Sounds like those car salesmen are feeling the same.

  7. Very nice. I do feel the need to find my umbrella though – I can’t tell if that’s coming or going. I like the wisps of dark clouds just free of the edge. Maybe the dark clouds aren’t as organized as they seem.

  8. I am so glad you were able to get this shot. I was at work tonight lamenting my inablity to take a few shots of the amazing skies and incredible light beams.

    As someone with a shitty job in sales, I will attest to the fact that sales are down. However, I will continue to eke out my living until I can find someone to pay me for being creative. I’m stubborn like that.

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