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Nov 01 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Oh, just another one of those pretty hydrant photos.

This actually got me thinking.  Do hydrants look the same the world over?

This group raised my awareness of manhole covers.  The Looking Down Series.

What about hydrants across the globe?

I’m thinking of anything else but this election, people.  Can you tell?

Fingers in ears: ” La La La La La”.

©Pat Coakley 2008


15 comments on “Hydrants”

  1. Hi Pat, I love this hydrant – especially the way its yellow paint matches the leaves in the background, a sure sign that autumn/fall is here. Did you know it snowed in London this week? It was the first time in 70 years that we had snow in October. I looked out the window as we were having dinner and there were the big soft drifts of flakes that I so love. It was beautiful. It would seem we might have a long winter here.
    La la la la la. I hear you. No matter what the American public decides, just having a decision and a new president should help some feelings settle. We hope.

    PS for some reason this shot reminds me of Forrest Gump sitting on the park bench and talking about life being a box of chocolates!

  2. Our hydrants aren’t as nice as yours.

    Nice shot.

  3. Seriously, I’ve never noticed hydrants before. Most of them are not painted this color so maybe that’s why? Anyway, today as I make my rounds, I’m going to make a point of noticing the differences in hydrants from town to town. Single for a Reason…honestly, isn’t this more proof of why being alone suits me? Can you imagine someone going, “Yeah! Let’s go look at hydrants!”

  4. I love stuff like this. I guess I’m just weird because I tend to look a the hydrants, manhole covers, letter boxes, chimney clean outs and the such. I’m a sucker for the way mundane things like these were once crafted. I think we as a people are poorer for the lack of detail in out modern world.

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. It´s marvellous!
    E. Sastre

  6. Turkish, well, let’s just say we are unique, and probably can have a good time with little Hollywood production!
    Sastre: Thanks for your comment. Another hydrant/detail lover. I’m going to leave a comment today under one of your images that I loved! Since it’s all in Spanish, I have not idea what you said about it, but I just liked it right away.

  7. I’m la la la’ing as well … ok I will go hunt for one of these beauties and post a few. Ok tomorrow my hunt begins, there has to be at least ONE in my area albeit hiding!

  8. Thanks W1kkp.

    Welcome to casuallyart.

  9. That is a beautiful hydrant indeed. I remember as a kid in the inner city that this was a way to cool off on a hot summer day. You take some great photos!

  10. Hydrants get peed on, as should all the political commercials. Thank goodness it will be over tomorrow. It will won’t it? Please tell me it will!!

  11. Sanity, go and look at the picture, S.Le, has given the link to…it’s a hydrant in Liverpool! Terrific.

    S. Le, I live in Massachusetts so no candidate is spending money on calls here except the guy who is challenging John Kerry. Back when Romney was still in the presidential primary, however, he blitzed the phone banks so often I am sure he pissed off some voters who might have voted for him. Each call would have a new “celebrity” voice. So, yes, it shall be over tomorrow unless the lawyers start buzzing on Wednesday.

    Merely Me, I can see the image of you jumping in and out of that hydrant right now!

    Sastre, I just went to your blog again and once AGAIN, loved the image. I wish I could translate what you say about it. Is there any service that does that translation?

  12. You made me wonder.. nope, I haven’t seen any hydrants in my life. Except those in images and movies. I have to go out and look around some time.

  13. Palpinao, Now, this intrigues me! Is it that you just haven’t noticed them or there haven’t been any hydrants? I hope you can report back after you finish your homework!!

  14. My presentation went quite well although my knees were shaking all the time.. At least it wasn’t boring. :)
    I’m almost sure there are no such hydrants in Lithuania, but in England.. it is possible that I just haven’t noticed them.

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