A New Day

By: pbcmedia

Nov 04 2008

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Category: Creativity, ELECTION, Personal, Photography, Politics


Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Right outside my high school gymnasium where I voted, the morning mist on the athletic field first caught my attention.  So, I went closer.  Then, the fence interested me and  I went closer still.  Then, the cobwebs appeared.

A new day begins.

(I’ll be posting variety of photos today, departing from my one a day prescription.  Hey, this is history, people or else the biggest media mistake of the century.)

©Pat Coakley 2008

Photographs Cannot Be Used Without Written Permission

3 comments on “A New Day”

  1. Do these images just appear for YOU and only you, or is it your eye and your imagination that see what goes past others.

    Notice the absence of a question mark at the end of the sentence?
    It was really a statement about your ability to see more than what first seems visible.

    It’s a good day to multi-blog……

  2. BL: Oh, this image feels like I took it two weeks ago instead of just 12 hours ago!! I feel like saying I took this photo when I was young, that’s how long ago it feels! Oh, my, bonniegirl. Oh, my.

  3. I love the the symbology, a new day, a day of hope… sorry have been quiet – kind of crazy in Afreaka!

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