Motion Sick

Okay.  I thought I could watch the election coverage.  I can’t.  I just turned everything off.  I took this photograph late this afternoon in my daily excursion trying to take photographs of things or people in motion.  The birds swarmed (the out of focus background dark grey lines) just as I got a few birds in focus on the power grid.

I’m feeling more like the those blurred birds right at the moment.  I’m thinking 50 foot waves in the North Atlantic, pitch and roll.  I don’t want this to mean as much as it means.

But, it does.

Does history make you nauseous just before it makes you joyful?

©Pat Coakley 2008


8 comments on “Motion Sick”

  1. oh i thought it was the rosemary ham sandwich but you’re right, its the waves (the tv waves) i just heard Pennsylvania and Massachusetts came out for Obama. I like our state. It does mean a lot. I haven’t felt like this before well not for a long time. I’m not sure what it is I’m feeling. Scared a little I think, hopeful a lot I think. I think I’ll have a coca cola. Beautiful photo Pat, thanks

  2. Oh, lordie!! Pennyslvania went for Obama?? See, I’m really not watching. Those nattering heads said that McCain’s route to 270 had to include PA!! Oh, maybe I’ll get through this night after all. Thanks, sweet girl. Maybe I’ll have a coca cola, too!

  3. yup thats what they’re saying, PA is a clincher, it might already be over
    have that coca cola! It settles the stomach

  4. Ok, I just peeked at ny times website. New Mexico called for Obama, too. That was another “swing” state. Maybe I can turn on the TV. Nah. Maybe just for a minute. Ok. One minute. My mother used to give me coca cola syrup when I was really sick, “back in the day” when one could get it from a pharmacy! I don’t think you can get it any longer. Thanks!

  5. Change is painful. Interesting fact….our PA suburban precinct had triple the number of voters from the last presidential election at the time I voted at 3:30. People are out in droves. Philly and Pittsburgh always carry the democratic votes for the state and the suburbs carry the republican…. this year the suburbs turned blue too. Change is scary. In my 4 decades of exercising my right to vote, I have never felt like the sands were shifting right under my feet while I was in the voting booth. You know how it feels to stand at the ocean edge and have the wave suck the sand out from underneath you…. that is how I felt as I stood behind the curtain. My stomach is churning. Maybe I am coming down with the flu and these symptoms are just that and not related to riding the waves of change.

  6. HJ, They just deconstructed the PA vote and said it was only a certain section of PA that did NOt go for Obama. That really is amazing. Is Bob drinking heavily??

  7. Honey have faith… it will all be ok *big hugs*

  8. You were right, Amber!! Faith has always been a problem! I’m awash in it today, however!

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