7 comments on “Yes”

  1. i got chills, goosebumps. i woke up and said wow. a few errant tears too.
    i am so so what is the word, oh yes, i almost forgot there was such a word – proud.

  2. Congratulations America!

    So begins a new area. Now I all I hope for, is that Obama lives up to expectations because he sure has his work cut out for him in the difficult times ahead.

    “Is there any one out there that still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible?”

    That’s one of the problems, anything was possible. My wife and I have almost held our breaths, hoping not to see the election somehow stolen again.

    This is a great new day for the world!

  3. Yes, and WOW indeed! I was skeptical, but – what a huge step for the USA!

  4. Tears, more goosebumps than a gaggle of geese in Gdansk and a chance for everyone of us to rise up with the example of character, determination and hopefulness as our tour guides.

    I am so proud of what has happened and that’s the beginning we have so desperately needed.

    One day at a time……

    Let’s bask just a little bit today before the heavy lifting begins.

  5. Yeow, people!! Yeeee-Ow.

    Tipota, your unique way of saying “pride”. Yes. You are so much fun.
    Razz: Oh, thank you for your great new day comment. We all have to live up to these expectations. It is not just on his shouders. I heard the world “sacrifice” in his speech last night. We shall hear it again.
    Nava: It is skepticism that was dealt a mortal blow last night. Not just yours, all of us were skeptical even if he was our candidate.

    Bonniegirl!! I’m baskin’, I’m baskin’ and nearly sleepless. Never felt better and I have to go to the periodontist today! Bring it on. Bring it on.

  6. I told you it would all be ok… didn’t I?

  7. Congrats to you and the American public, the world has new faith that right does win.

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