One Giant Step

Not since this moment in 1969 have I felt quite like this.

Never have I/we needed it more.

But, this time.  This time?

The whole world seems to feel more like Neil Armstrong than a bystander looking up.

To be sure, this morning we begin our journey back to gravity and those Earth problems haven’t changed.

But, they seem more soluble as we shake moon dust off our shoes and sandals, and in my case, my 8 year old black Merrells.

They look brand new, people.

Brand freakin’ new.

©Pat Coakey 2008


6 comments on “One Giant Step”

  1. How interesting…I just used the same Neil Armstrong metaphor when commenting on someone else’s blog!

    The whole world was watching in 1969 when we did something that no one believed we could do, and now the world is watching again.


  2. You know what they say about great minds, jimsmuse!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. You have me crying again :) To hear from my friends around the world send words of “congratulations” and “good job….”
    I only wonder what is going through that man’s mind right now.
    I hope this one small step leads to a huge leap.

  4. Now I know what it felt like to watch the Man on the Moon for the first time, that exhilarating sense of awe and wonder… I am not American but I felt it through all of the excitement, through your posts. It’s been an interesting journey and there have been many moments where I have been so disgusted that I couldn’t even utter those politicians names out loud but my faith has been restored.

  5. Conni, this is what amazes me: how people around the world appear to be genuinely invested in his success.

    Sanity, as I said to conni, the faith that seems to have been restored to world citizens as well as US citizens is truly astonishing. It really does give me hope as well.

  6. […] what a week it has been, admittedly the “One Giant Step” moment, yeah I don’t even need to tell you which one that was!  Obama, Obama, […]

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