Light in Novembho

By: pbcmedia

Nov 10 2008

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Focal Length:19mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Artists talk about morning light, late afternoon light, dappled light…let’s us, just you and me, talk of Novembho 2008 light.

A minute before I took this photograph, this landscape contained the same tree, benches, grass, athletic field, background trees and cloudy sky.

I was there, a witness, looking at the tree, admiring its singularity, yet affected most by its isolation–and yet this lonely tree was surrounded by the promise of companionship–the picnic tables.

In a few hours, I thought to myself, there may be a family sitting there with wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with children running to and from the tree to the table, or even perhaps, in a few minutes, since it’s around 7:30 AM, there may be an elderly man walking his dog and he’ll come by and sit down to rest next to the tree.

Yes, I was simply a witness to Man, Dog, Tree, Family, Photographer, all of us there under cloudy skies until no word of a lie Novembho light broke through the clouds and lit us up like a roman candle.




7 comments on “Light in Novembho”

  1. Pat, that’s stunning. The quality of light in this picture is transporting! Not just the light, but the contrasting textures of sky, trees, bark, grass, wood. What I like the best is your phrase “the promise of companionship”. It tells us so much about loneliness, hope, community… things we can all relate to .

  2. I just love that low golden light that you see in the northern hemisphere. The light is so blue here. Most colour film is balanced for 5600 degrees Kelvin, which is based on the colour temperature in Washington DC during the summer solstice. I once took a colour temperature reading in Alice Springs (in the centre of Australia) during summer and it read 17000 degrees Kelvin! Who would of though one would need to warm up the colour in the desert?

    Oh, I almost forgot!

    Nice tree.

  3. I’m a total n00b when it comes to photography, so I’ll just say that this photo is…WOW!

  4. Epic, most people talk about September/October light here in New England. But, this year, I’m calling it Novem-bho light. Get it?

    Razz, yowser! 17000 degress Kelvin. I know exactly where Alice Springs is I think! Didn’t PBS do a multi-part TV series with that wonderful British actor, Gordon Jackson years and years ago? A Town Called Alice, maybe was the name? Maybe that’s a different spot than Alice Springs…but anyway, would a screw on filter help you? Photoshop clearly can with their filters, but my goodness. I always marveled at your blue, blue skies. I even thought you might have filtered it. I guess, “No” would be the answer to that!!

    Jimsmuse: I’m smiling. Is n00b any relation to well you know? Thanks!

  5. gorgeous and heartfelt photo and story, singularly universally warm in the golden light

  6. That tree is electrified, stunning in it’s golden light ( my favorite in the late afternoon ).
    It’s branches are the grateful limbs reaching up in thanks and no longer alone.
    You’ve been it’s voice.

    Beautiful Pat, simply beautiful.

  7. Tipota: is this Novembho light down the Cape, too?
    Bonniegirl: grateful limbs…so nice.

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