The Empire Begins

There’s no jay walking in Boston.  Don’t even think about it.

This photograph has been made into a 5X7 card along with 29 other images from this blog since I began it in April, 2008. It is my first step toward building the Single For A Reason® Empire that one day will be a household world, I mean word.  My motto is “If Chi chi chi Chia pets can make it, so can Single for a Reason®, whoo whoo!”

All cards can be viewed by visiting this link:

The Empire of Single For a Reason®

But, before you do, visit this You Tube video of the original Chia pet so you can marvel at something that with a few seeds and a little watering grows into a ram.  That’s the spirit of all self respecting empires and blogs, don’t you think? (To say nothing of the fact that my hair sorta looks like a chia pet in a nursing home: see self portrait here: Self Portrait)

Chia Pet Advertisement

Please visit my empire and tell me any ideas (email: pbc at patcoakley dot com) you have for marketing this venture of word and image in a world economy that is collapsing.  This is the first step in launching  “Failure, The World Tour” coming to your local auditoriums around the world. (Razz, I know you are traveling but you’ll do the tour pyrotechnics, right?)

We, The invisible people, hold this one truth to be self evident:

It all comes down to seeds and a little watering.

Help me water and get a free ram.  (Your ideas, people, I need your ideas, not money!)

I mean a card, of course.  Help me water and get a free card.  Not a ram.  That would be silly.

©Pat Coakley 2008


8 comments on “The Empire Begins”

  1. this image is awesome! I’ve always wanted to see a movement picture with a playground merry go round. I like this one, no, I wouldn’t ever think of jaywalking here, wow. good luck with your endeavor. (little yellow smiley thingy)

  2. Love the shot.

    Only tooooo happy to help out with the pyrotechnics.

    We should organise building a huge ram out of spilt bamboo and covering it with doped rice paper. We ca burn it at a burning man thingy in California, while hundreds of sealed dry cleaner bags are lifted aloft by tea candles to be shot down by the USAF on the salt plains! Meanwhile drug crazed types do a corybantic dithyramb around it.

    Art and air force enlistment. The government will love it!

  3. Sweetiegirlz, go and see a shot by Razz of just what you are looking for! It won him a trip to Mexico, too! here’s the link:

    Razzman from Queensland (temporarily): Ooo, I ‘m glad you like it! But, razz,…has someone been dipping into illegal substances while observing various and sundry hello kitties? WHAT AN IDEA!!! Now, I’m going to go and look up what the hell corybantic dithyramb is! But, no matter, we’re doing it on imagination alone, if not understanding. I’ll leave that to you and Engogirl.

  4. Wonderful gallery of photos!

    Jay-walking in Boston looks very dangerous.

  5. Love the photo, love the cards, and love the project you and Razz are setting up. Please invite me? I’ll take motion photos (not as good as yours or Razz’s) of the flames you create. Why am I thinking ‘Big Bangs’ might be involved?

  6. S. Le, now I’m worried I spelled “Jay Walking” incorrectly!! I’ve seen it as one word, two words, and now with a hypen! And, yes, however you spell it, it is dangerous in Boston!
    Epic: You can get that restaurant in Venice to cater our Big Bangs event. That sounded delicious!

  7. *does pom pom dances* this is awesome Pat and as soon as I have my feet on real 1st world soil I will be ordering a few! Absofruitly wonderfuls!

  8. Hey, Sanity…I don’t want you to order any, I want some ideas on how to market these absofruitly wonderfuls! When you get to England, send me your address and you choice of card and I’ll send it off!

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