Behind the Wheel

I am starting a new series called, “Behind the Wheel”.  Don’t worry.  I usually take these shots early in the morning when it is only the birds and I who are traveling the wires.

Also, I’m not looking through the viewfinder when I take them so I am actually driving and looking at the road.  One of the reasons I enjoy shooting like this is the surprise at the end of the day to see what I have.

This one, for example, surprised me.  I had the camera on my lap and pointed slightly up toward the window.  Since discovering this, I’ve taken several more this way and I’ll be showing the results all this week.

As I’ve been trying to learn more about motion photography, nuisance little trips around town at 1/10th of a second become mysterious and ethereal with the proper lens and sky.

It is amazing how a little creativity can transform a morning of errands into a world never seen before.

Join me, if you can.  I’d love to see your “town” from behind your wheel as well.

©Pat Coakley 2008


7 comments on “Behind the Wheel”

  1. Serendipity (from Wikipedia) is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

    I love some blurry shots because they record that 4th dimension, time.

  2. You know, Razz. I hadn’t really thought about it in “Time” terms, but you are exactly right. It is the appeal of some of these shots. In fact, I’m just in from shooting some more. One, I think, looks like the moor that Heathcliff haunts looking for his lost love!

  3. Time is an interesting thing. For instance, if you were to ask just about anybody to define what a verb is, they would usually say something like, “a doing word”. The interesting thing about verbs is that they all have a tense.

    For an action to occur, time has to pass. For any distance to be experienced or traversed, time has to pass. There is a relationship between time and space and I’m starting to think that perhaps we can’t have space (as we generally know it) without time.

    Blurry photos show time passing and space being traversed and for that reason they fascinate me.

  4. I just got a call from my friend who has known me for 50 years and he said I should title the next series, “Behind Bars” because of my driving while taking pictures. He makes me laugh, always has.

  5. wow talk about serendipity, i just did something like this last week, perched the camera in one hand in the car on ‘movie’ mode and tracked my journey doing an errand and then out to the sand dunes, i’ll be posting it, and yes, i’m sure it must’ve looked nuts to anyone who might’ve noticed but it was kind of just like holding a cup in one hand (not recommended to try)(and i sped it up digitally)

  6. That’s a nice idea. I thought about photographing while cycling, but probably I would just breake my camera. haha.

  7. This is such an interesting way to look at a photo and have an explanation of how and why. And then to read Razzs’ take on time passing and space being traversed brings it all ’round.

    Behind bars, indeed.

    PS- Pat, I’ve just tagged you on my blog. Don’t be concerned with responding or not. I just wanted others to know about you.

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